My Little LUSH Handbook

A lovely reader asked me what some of my favorite LUSH products are and I thought I'd make a list which ended up being pretty comprehensive! It's going to be long but hopefully helpful. If you have any q's about anything on this list, just ask! 

Any links you see are links to my reviews of the products. Hopefully one day I'll have links to everything!
I've listed everything in order from most favorite to least-but-still-favorite

Cleanser9 to 5 (I like to mix this with Angels on Bare Skin for a cleanser/exfoliator duo)
Exfoliators: Angels on Bare Skin, Mask of Magnaminty, Ocean Salt
TonersEau Roma WaterTee Tree Water, Breath of Fresh Air are all really amazing. I like Eau Roma for refreshing and the other two when my face is acting up!
MoisturizerEnzymion for when my face is a bit oily, otherwise Celestial!
Serum: (this is probably one of my top three favorite LUSH products EVER) Full of Grace - I put this on at night and wake up with amazingly soft skin. It's got calamine and chamomile which are great for calming the skin
Face Masks: (in order) Brazened Honey, BB Seaweed, Cosmetic Catastrophe, Ayesha, Love Lettuce, Cosmetic Warrior
Makeup remover: Ultra Bland!!!!!
Lips: Popcorn or Mint Juleps scrubs, Honey Trap and Whip Stick lip balms

Shower Gel: Snow Fairy (Christmas only),  Flying Fox (good for PMS apparently?!), The Olive Branch, It's Raining Men, Grass
Shower Smoothies: Dream Wash, Turkish Delight, Creamed Almond & Coconut
Shower Scrub/Body Conditioner: Rub Rub Rub and Ro's Argan
Body Lotion: Coco Lotion (light + unscented), Vanilla Dee-Lite (light), Dream Cream (a bit thicker)
Hand Cream: Hands down (no pun intended) SMITTEN - it's only available online though because it's Retro now *sobs*. Lemony Flutter is amazing for cuticles
Feet: Volcano Foot Mask - this stuff will turn super rough heels into super soft ones :)
Massage bars: Tender is the Night, Therapy, Strawberry Feels Forever
Dusting Powders: One of my favorite LUSH products of all time is Silky Underwear but Lustre is great as too (and pairs well with Flying Fox!) 
Breast Cream: The one and only, Lovely Jubbiles <3

(I have extremely temperamental curly and naturally dry hair, but these are the products that actually work well with me)
Shampoo: Curly Wurly, BIG (but only once in a while otherwise it's too abrasive) I also like the NEW! shampoo bar
Conditioner: Coolaulin (online only), American Cream, Veganese - none of these are actually thick enough for me but I still like to use them for when I CWC wash my hair. 
MasksJasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze (your hair will smell like jasmine for days) but I've heard good things about H’Suan Wen Hua - top of my to-buy list!
Treatment: R&B for sure. If you have dry/damaged hair this stuff is amazing. I sometimes use it as an overnight treatment or to style my curly hair. It's really really moisturizing — a little goes a long way!
Dry Shampoo: No Drought (it's the only dry shampoo they have, lol!) it's really great if you don't like Batiste or dry shampoos of that sort!

Bath bombs: (in order) Butterball, Vanilla Fountain, Twilight (sooo gooooood for night time zzz), Pink, Ickle Baby Bot (also good for night!), Dragon's Egg
Bubble Bars: (in order) Sunny Side, French Kiss,  The Comforter, Amandopondo, Christmas Eve
Bath Melts: Dreamtime and Ceridwen's Cauldron
Favorite Bath Combos
Sunny Side and Pink - super sparkly semi-Barbie like bath. Pink with gold glitter, yay!
Dreamtime and French Kiss - amazing for a relaxing night in; just light some candles
Butterball and Ceridwen's Cauldron - Vanilla and lavendar for the most soothing bath ever! Super milky.

The Godmother (smells a lot like Snow Fairy!), Honey I Washed The Kids, Alkmaar, Porridge, Snowcake

Eyes: Sophisticated, Fantasy
Lips: Perspective and Passionate (warning: PASSIONATE IS BRIGHT)
Skin: Feel Younger andEmotional Brilliance
Gorilla Perfumes
Vanillary (seriously, it's so vanilla-y), Lust, Ginger

I'm pretty sure that's it for my favorites — this isn't even everything I've tried but just the things I like most! I'll definitely update this as I try more! Sorry that it's so long, eeeeeeep! 

* Special thanks to my sister-in-law to teaching me what I know and letting me try basically everything. You're the best lushie I know! <3

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  1. love this Chelsea, adding to my forever long lush wishlist. each peach massage bar is my favourite for sure x


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