Early Spring Favorites

Let's just start out by saying that I am so stupidly thankful the snow is gone. Now I can only hope it stays that way *fingers crossed*. I'm not normally that into spring to be honest. I dig summer, love fall, and winter is pretty enough for me to deal but there's just something very meh about spring weather for me. Those in-between days where it's too windy to go sans-jacket but if you're in the sun long enough it's just ugh, sweltering? I can't get behind it. That said, all I want is sun and I don't care if I need light layers. I will do it as long as there is no more snow. And with that, all the pretty berry shades I own will be used a little less and the peachy ones a bit more. You know, cuz I'm predictable and all. 

When I got my hair cut in January (best haircut eva) my stylist recommended the Moroccan Oil Glimmer Spray. Basically does what it says +  protects your hair against sun and a bunch of other elements. Considering it hit 80º here on Sunday, I'd say this is a definite must for the warmer months. It's been a daily-use product for me and I couuuld live without it but like, why would I want to? 

I'm back in the Burberry game, back to the first perfume I ever wore (and stuck to) and I still love it all the same. It's such a light, sexy scent which is one of the reasons why it'll be on rotation all throughout the spring and summer. 

Face/base wise, I've been fairly consistent these past few months. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize with the Fresh's Lotus Moisturizer. It's super light on the skin which is reaaaaally important to me. It keeps my skin feeling perfectly hydrated and supple and I love it. The smell is pretty lovely too. For foundation I've been using Bobbi Brown Longwear quite a bit. It's so glorious and I'm not sure why it took me so long to try. Sometimes I mix it with primer for a lighter, daytime coverage and then I'll build it up for nights out. It's incredibly versatile and the shade range is pretty great. I really want to check out the BB cream next — do any of you recommend it?

Moving on to MAC. Ahhh, who doesn't love some classic MAC shades? I bought Harmony so long ago and was obsessed, then I fell out of love (as one can sometimes do), and then rediscovered it not too long ago. What the hell was I thinking? It's the perfect spring contour if I don't want to go all out with NARS Laguna. It's subtle and it's matte — plus it looks good paired with all my favorite peachy pink blushes. For lips I've been sticking with nudes/browns; must be the 90s thing going on. Anyway, Modesty is amazing and very similar to Patisserie except it's less pink and more nude. 

I'll probably do a follow up post / monthly favorites posts after this but I just thought I'd talk about my favorite things as of late. What are you guys loving?!


BASE range

Base Range / baserange.net

While I tend to daydream of warmer weather, lacy underthings, and unlimited glasses of the perfect Pinot Noir, I can't help but lust over the comfier lookin' pieces sometimes. Especially in this frigid weather; some high waisted jersey bottoms and a cup of the best chai w/ almond milk seems a bit too perfect for me. And who says these aren't sexy, eh?

On one hand, I could see myself (for sure) donning these little babies in the cooler months and yet I can also definitely see myself lounging around the house in them in the summer months. Pairing something like the Classic Longsleeve Linen Jersey shirt with those cute knee highs (which I am a huuuuge fan of) equals the perfect lazy Sunday uniform. I can picture it: windows open, a slight breeze through the curtains, lazing around in bed casually popping raspberries into my mouth. Bring on the brunch.

Aside from adorable underthings, Base Range has some great loungewear and even a bit of outerwear. It's all about that effortless modern aesthetic that I'm into. They also have bras that don't look like they were only made for small chested ladies, which is a big A+++ in my book. Their minimalistic yet chic designs are what's keeping me interested because as we all know: sometimes less is more. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything that'll make me feel a bit more feminine. I'm just that kind of girl.

What do you guys think of Base Range? What are your favorite pieces / other places to shop for underthings?!


moodboard: cinq

I don’t want to live, I want to love first and live incidentally.” 

PSA: I'm kind of over the cold. Since moving back to the East Coast from California, I've encountered quite a few snow storms, state of emergencies, and possibly too many cups of tea. I'm ready for warm(er) weather. Lazy days mean that moodboarding is back in full swing, as is my peach obsession (oops?). It happens.

These beauty-wants aren't much of a suprise — at some point I'll to replenish the Diptyque Do Son solid perfume that my lil bb Zack got me for Christmas, and I've been eyeing up the EDP. I do really adore the solid though, so I may have to just get another of those. /indecisive. And while I love me some Klorane dry shampoo, the new Bb Prêt-à-Powder looks pretty freakin' amazing. Aside from it being dry shampoo, it'll be great to use on clean hair days for a bit of extra oomph. I have a mini of Benefit's Watt's Up but at some point I'll cave and purchase the full size. It is one of the best highlighters ever, isn't it?

My current daily bag should probably not be used as a daily bag and lately I've been on a bucket bag kick. This Jujumade bucket bag looks perfect and is giving another contender a run for it's money.  It's too perfect. Toooooo perfect.

If you're not familiar, I'm really into Fleetwood Mac. I saw this print of Stevie and feel like I pretty much need it in my life. Keeping with the slight witchy theme in my life, this Two Moon cuff is calling my name but dang, that price is keeping me far, far away.

Housewares-wise, I'm loving the look of this Marbled Pinch Pot to keep my rings and dainty things in. It's the perfect nude shade if you ask me. Plus I feel like a bit of rose gold would look amazing set inside it. Lastly, a jasmine scented candle by A.P.C. Floral scents for Spring? Yeah, that kind of cliché.

It's nice to be back. Now gimme some sun, pretty please. 

/ quote by Zelda Fitzgerald 
/ photos via Lotte Janssens + Magdalena Nishe


2014 Astrology Calendar

If you don't know by now, you should probably know: I'm kind of obsessed with astrology. I say "kind of" but what I really mean is wow omg I'm so obsessed give me everything please okay thank you. I'm very unapologetic about it all too — I know some people think it's complete crap buuuut I'm not some people and I luv it. Gimme the constellations, gimme the moon, most of all give me my horoscope (and like 50 iOS horoscope apps). Thanks in advance.

This calendar is a thing of beauty. I'm quite thankful that a certain lovely person found this baby on tumblr and sent it my way; it's totally me. Each month isn't exactly a real month — no January 1-31 here. Instead, the months + days go by sign. Right now we're in Pisces, which goes from the end of February to the end of March. The whole concept is pretty adorable and I'm down with livin' my days by the star signs. To be fair, I kind of do already but now I'm on a whole nother level. Plus, helloooooo, the calendar itself is absolutely gorgeous. It's high quality prints on some high quality paper and easily worth the twenty bucks (+ shipping) that I paid for it. If I could I would stare at it all day long. I'm that in love.

Part of me hopes I can get a calendar like this every year. Let's make it happen, Prismatic Print Shop!
p.s. What's yo sign?! ♌︎ I'm a Leo. Is that surprising? 


Essie Berry Naughty

Essie Berry Naughty · $8.50

I guess you could say I'm on a berry kick at the moment. Berry nails, very berry lips, and actually, I've been downing some amazing smoothies during brunch as of late.

I never used to be a dark nails kind of girl. I've always felt somewhat intimidated by them, if I'm quite honest. But now? I seem to be 1000% channeling my inner witch. I slightly blame all the Fleetwood Mac I've been listening to, but hey, I'm just doing my thing (and plus, who can deny the greatness that is Stevie Nicks?!).

Let's be real though, this color is pretty amazing. I'm still not sure if I love it as much as Essie Wicked, which was the last color I donned on my lil finger tips, but it's up there in deep polishes that I adore. The name is soooo punny but I 'spose I am berry naughty as of late. Har har.

As an aside: I absolutely loathe how Essie's polishes wear. I'm lucky if I can get a good five days out of them and that's with a solid coat of Seche Vite. I expect a bit more from such a popular company that isn't on the cheap side. But alas, the color range is incredible and I personally can't seem to keep away (obviously). So if you don't mind having to redo your manicure every few days and are looking for a lovely deep purpley red, go. for. it.

What are some of your favorite dark polishes? I'm definitely in the market for some new colors!

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