Blood Orange — Cupid Deluxe

I should probably preface this by saying: I am always listening to music and I am the pickiest person in the world.

I rarely write about just one album on here — actually other than playlists I rarely write about music at all. That said, I've been getting a few "what have you been listening to lately?" tweets and messages on tumblr so I figured that a post like this might be the start of something new.

Cupid Deluxe has been on repeat for about a straight week now. I tweeted about it. I got Richard hooked and he won't stop humming it.  Now, I'm blogging about it. I just cannot deny the absolute genius that is Blood Orange. I've loved Dev's work since the beginning but this new shit is just blowing my mind.

Queue the smoke and the smell of cigarettes.

It's almost funny how nostalgic this album feels. It's 80's but it's definitely not. The vocal range is incredible. Such a beautiful mix of highs ands lows that somehow seem to just come together — but I guess that's what you get when you're dealing with someone who writes, records, plays, produces, e v e r y t h i n g. I think what got me hooked is that clearly modern sound that seems to boarder on something a bit older, wiser, a bit classier. The added sax, the sensual, dreamy air of Chosen. It's essentially the soundtrack to some modern-day speakeasy; one that plays lost music from the 80's that never really made sense until now. It's all very empathetic.

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