Unpopular Opinion: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer / $19.50

Another one of these posts — I don't love doing them but sometimes they just need to be done. My only worry with doing things like this is: I don't want people to think "oh she doesn't like it so I won't either" because that's not the purpose of this post. The purpose of these Unpopular Opinion posts are just to let you in on things that don't work for me specifically and the details surrounding why. Just because it doesn't work out for me, just because I don't like it for X reason, absolutely doesn't mean you won't love it! With that said, here we go.

I love me some Laura Mercier. I'm a huge fan of her Silk Creme and Mineral foundations and most other things that she does (well with the exception of this). So many bloggers love this stuff and I've seen it over on Kate and Vivianna's blogs, two ladies I trust when it comes to cosmetics. That with the fact that I've been lusting over this for ages made it all the more worse when I just couldn't get this to work with me.

I've heard people say it gives the perfect glow, smooths over your skin and blurs imperfections. What I found was it made me look shiny not luminous — I tried using different amounts of this stuff, from small to big and still, shine. Another issue was it made my pores look so crazy and huge. I never have issue with my pores looking big or noticeable so when this happened I was totally put off.  For a second opinion I even enlisted Richard to tell me what he thought and alas, he was in agreement. Although I was a bit wary, I tried it a few more times with a few different foundations. Still? Same results each time. I just do not love the look this gives my skin, which makes me a little sad inside. I have to keep reminding myself that there are plenty more primers in the sea but I just really had high hopes for this baby.

Though I am pretty bummed, it'll be alright. I still have my Pro-prime (which I really love now) and my BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector — two things that just work for me when it comes to achieving the perfect base. So that's that. Love at first sight and broken heart at first application. So it goes.

What do you guys think of this primer? What are some of your favorite primers?!

P.S. rented a Nikon for the weekend, if the photos look odd it's because I am having the hardest time getting used to it, lulz. Sowwy!


  1. I actually really love this primer and i've been though so many to find it. Strangely though, I don't get on well with silk creme, so it just goes to show it's definitely down to personal preference :)

    1. Yeah totally! Everyone's skin is so different — it's kind of what I love about blogging. Seeing what works for who and what doesn't. Thankfully we have so much to choose from :) x

  2. The photos look great, don't worry babes! I'm actually surprised to hear that you didn't get along with this product because usually everyone raves about Laura Mercier bases. I guess it just goes to show you that not every high-end product that's released is a winner. But, like you said, it *could* be a winner for others, not necessarily yourself.

    Thanks for posting! I've missed reading your blog :D

  3. I've heard nothing but praises for this product so I'm glad to hear another opinion on it!! Different people, different skin, different situations really all do play a huge role in how one gets on with a product so it's nice to be reminded that there really isn't a 'miracle' product that will toot every one's horn. That said, my favorite primer is, albeit stupidly expensive, the hourglass mineral veil :)


  4. I didn't like this primer either! The only Laura Mercier product I do like is the invisible setting powder x

  5. I always try and seek out bad reviews when I'm umming and aahing over whether to buy a product. Like you say, everyone's different but it can still be a bit traumatic when you're desperate to fall in love with a product and it just doesn't happen x Becky

    Cosmetic Debris

  6. I've never used this but I feel like I remember swatching it at Sephora aaages ago and it looking pretty... sparkly (aka not for me). I think I remember you saying Nars Sheer Glow wasn't a good match for you, but that is one example of those products that gives me a great glow without the shimmer being too obvious.

  7. First off, I don't think that your pictures could ever look weird, Chelsea! Second, I agree that it's nice to both know the good and bad opinions of products. Thanks for the post!

    Xx Lillian parisiantobe.com

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous and I totally like the idea of an Unpopular opinion post, because it just gives more feedback to people looking to buy this. I actually hated this product. I love the NYX photo ready primer. That is my go-to

  9. I got a sample of this the other day and so far so good!
    Great post! Your blog is one of my all time favorites!


  10. Ah, that's disappointing! Her stuff is normally amazing.

  11. I wanted this, but the helpful sales people actually talked me out of it since my skin is combination/oily and they tried the oil free face primer instead with my much loved oil free tinted moisturiser. I now use the oil free face primer, it keeps my makeup on all day and provides a smooth base to apply over. I think with hyped up products its always better to go and swatch them/try them out because like you said, everyone's skin is different and it might not work on yours!

  12. omg i have to try this because im tired of the Primer im using. It was cheap and I bought it twice, but it really doesnt work for me and the texture is pretty stickly feeling. So, im going to try this one and see how it works out. Love your blog!

    a fashion & beauty photoblog.

  13. I understand what primer is for but I lean towards the side that think it's unnecessary. I used to use Laura Geller's Spackle and Laura Mercier's regular primer. The former one I actually liked, and felt that my foundation went on smoother, but with the latter, I saw no difference and did not like that it was an extra step. I tend to like natural-looking make-up so adding more steps to me is always a negative so I do without primer now.

    1. I get what you're saying but I think it totally depends on the person! I have issues with makeup longevity sometimes and notice that when I use a primer it not only lasts longer, but my makeup goes on much better! The NARS Pro-prime is my favorite so far. It's super lightweight and helps keep any oils at bay! :) x

  14. i'm always glad to read not-so-positive reviews of products, i feel like they're definitely going to be honest while sometimes i doubt what some bloggers post when they review EVERYTHING favourably. and of course i'd like just about anything i got for free so when most things are for free for some people it's hard to know what's really worth the money.

    i've been looking at buying this myself because i've heard so many good things about it. i usually just happily buy things on the internet based on reviews without bothering to track them down in real life and swatch them for myself (not so smart, i know) but i my have to go into a store and take a closer look at this before i invest!

    also i haven't tried any of the new lip butter shades but they all look so pretty! i'm definitely going to have to track them down somewhere online and get a few more.

    little henry lee

  15. Thank you so much, this really means a lot!
    Your blog is simply perfect in every way,

  16. I tried the tinted moisturizer and I didn't see what the hype was all about. Thanks for this review, as a person with oily skin I'll be definitely avoiding this primer.

    By the way, your blog is amazing! I saw it on the Lips So Facto links and I'm so glad I clicked through. I'm also a 23 year-old Francophile, I actually recently graduated with my BA in French and Francophone Studies. I can't wait to start following your blog.


  17. I really appreciate posts like this as it's great to know what is not perfect with product aswell. Especially hyped of expensive products. It's a shame it didn't work for you xx


  18. I'm really glad that you post about products that don't work for you as well.
    Thank you for this review!



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