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I'm not going to go on and on about how extremely selective I am with the things I buy; hopefully by now that's a well known fact about me. Instead I'm going to introduce you to a few of my favorite scents. The ones that have stuck around for years and the ones that have made their mark on me somehow and thus, have ended up in this post. 

· In 2005/6 I was wandering the perfume section of some department store — I'm going to guess it was Macy's or Lord & Taylor. The where doesn't matter so much, I suppose, but either way I had made my way to the Burberry counter and picked up the prettiest bottle I could find. You could say it was love at first spritz, but Burberry Brit EDT was in my life from then on out.  This was my go-to for many many years. It's one of those smells that brings about some serious nostalgia; from high school to my many travels, the smell now reminds me so much of my year in England. And without fail, for the past ~8 years, my mom buys me a bottle of my signature scent. 
Notes: pear, lime, lemongrass; almond and peony; vanilla, amber, tonka bean. 
Lasting power★★☆☆☆

· When I first started blogging everyone seemed to be talking about Diptyque. I was intrigued; I'm a sucker for simple yet elegant design and with so many good things being said, I knew I needed to at least try something. I got my paws on a sample of Volutes and was immediately enamored. The smell itself is musky and spicy, very sensual and yet somehow remains feminine. I used that sample sparingly until the last drop but wasn't ready to shell out nearly $90 for a perfume. Luckily for me, Richard suprised me with a bottle for Christmas. He's a keeper.
Notes: iris flower, honey, tobacco and dried fruits; pink pepper, black pepper, saffron, hay and immortelle; opoponax, myrhh, styrax and benzoin. 
Lasting power: ★★★★★

· Marc Jacobs Daisy is the perfume I never wanted. I'd always strayed away because it seemed so over-hyped, so played out, so... not me. You know how they say "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well I was judging the ever-loving shit [excuse my French] out of this perfume and honestly I just couldn't help it. Somehow a sample found its way into the bottom of my Sephora shopping bag. What happened next? I fell for it 100% no regrets yolo sorry not sorry — you get the gist. Now I wear it proudly and I truly do love it.
Notes: violet leaf, wild strawberry and grapefruit; jasmine, gardenia and violet; white woods, vanilla and musk.
Lasting power: ★★★☆☆

· The week after Richard and I got married, we stayed in NYC as a sort of mini-honeymoon. It's probably my favorite trip to the city to date, even though I've been there easily more than 50 times. I remember Nina (my sissy-in-law) and I heading into Sephora (one of my first Sephora visits ever, mind you) and I saw the prettiest bottle of purple perfume and then the crown topper. The little crown is what played on my heart strings, hard. I sprayed it on, walked away from it, and obsessed for the next few hours. Regret commenced almost immediately and before heading home from our little getaway, I snatched up a bottle and loved it forever. The scent is so delicate and powdery yet fresh, reminding me so much of those first few days of newlywed bliss.
Notes: waterlilly, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin; ripe pink guava, Tahitian flower, wild tuberose, and dark chocolate; pink frosting accord, precious amber, forbidden woods, royal musk captive and chiffon vanilla.
Lasting power: ★★★★☆

What are some of your favorites?


  1. My experience with Daisy was the same! i thought 'how good can it really be?' but then I received a bottle as a gift and never looked back.

  2. I love the Marc Jacobs Lola the best, I'm not sure if its more because of the wonderful scent or the pretty bottle. I'm not going to lie, I've been avoiding Diptique because of the prices and I'm such a perfume addict I don't think I could control myself!

    Dannielle @ Chic-a-Dee

  3. Volutes and Burberry Brit are two of my absolute favorites! They're two of the three that have survived my constant perfume rotation, with the third being Calvin Klein Euphoria. Great picks!

  4. I love Daisy! I had a sample a while ago, and I didn't originally want to like it either, but it sucked me in. It smells amazing!

  5. Love this post! I'm super picky about my perfumes. I own the Marc Jacobs Daisy too, it's a lovely scent for summer time. Right now my signature scent is actually one from Victoria Secret - Sparkling Citrus Lemon Escape. It's a mix of lemon, coconut and sugar.


  6. I wear Diptyque Eau Duelle almost everyday. I love it so much.

  7. I always smell the Daisy perfume whenever I see it when I'm out shopping but its so strong and I am very sensitive to strong scents:( I wish I could smell some of Diptyque's scents I really want to look at Philosykos the descriptions sound so unique!


  8. Diptyque sounds like such an amazing brand. I wish I could get a hold of their products in Canada!


  9. Marc Jacobs Daisy is one of my all time favourite perfumes, my bottle is nearly empty and that never happens with me :)

  10. Daisy is one of my all time favorite perfumes, I just love that scent. I tend to be quite obsessed with Marc Jacobs perfume, there hasn't been one that I don't love. I also love Vera Wang Princess as well.


  11. i love that you've attached memories to each of your perfumes, it means you're really committed to each scent and it'll stay with you for life. i have A LOT of perfume but i definitely have some favourites of the bunch. it's a shame when you get turned off products by the hype or when certain things you love get hyped up to the point of being annoying (i.e. daisy, which i also own) but i can't help but love miss dior cherie endlessly. i actually spotted the bottle in a shop around christmastime in i think 2008? and when i sprayed it it was love. i got a bottle for christmas and it's been my favourite ever since, regardless of the hype.

    my other favourites would have to be viktor & rolf's flowerbomb, chanel's coco mademoiselle and a bit of a wildcard since i usually love sweet perfumes, but diesel's fuel for life unlimited. it's really quite heady and musky and even a bit masculine (in the way that i find chanel no 5 to be as well) and i don't really wear anything else like it but i do absolutely love it!


  12. I love Daisy & Princess! It's so nice how a scent can remind you of something so strongly :)
    Your photography is beautiful.

    Jess xo

  13. Lovely post I really enjoyed reading it.
    Love perfume, especially daisy and princess :)
    Love your blog . xx


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