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“I’d woken up early and I took a long time getting ready to exist.”

· As I wait for my new camera to arrive, I shall moodboard...

My mind has been dreaming in pinks and peaches lately. Possibly even apricots too. Something about the spring and summer sun has me feeling more feminine than usual, and I can safely say that I do not mind one bit. I've been doing some soul searching as silly as that may sound to some, but I'm really enjoying it. Spending time to learn a bit more about yourself is so important in my eyes. This Jennifer Zeuner rose gold Mini Hamsa Bracelet is right up my alley and something I could see myself forever wearing. To match, I've fallen in love with yet another Catbird ring. This time it's a Teensy Ruby Ring by Bittersweets NY. Ruby is my birthstone and my favorite gemstone, and with my birthday coming up, how can I resist. Two simple pieces with a whole lot of meaning (to me).

Accessory wise I am literally head over heels in love with all things Marie Turnor. Beth Goodman's bags are absolutely gorgeous and I'm a huge sucker for beautiful leather. Her Snak and Picnic bags are no exception. Shoes? These very-out-of-my-shoe-price-range ChloƩ sandals. Not sure I could ever drop that much of a pair of sandals but they're ChloƩ so...

Beauty-wise, I'm stuck on Jouer. Their cosmetics are all just so beautiful and really appealing to me as of late. This is probably due to the fact that I'm really into naturally looking skin; light bases and just a sweep blush for the slightest pinch of color. Add a little mascara and I'm done. Their Bare Tint and Perfect Tan bronzer are among my current lusts. I also had no idea they did bath + body stuff but once I saw this Perfume Oil, I basically freaked.

photos via tumblr + itsnotheritsme


  1. "dreaming in pinks and peaches" ohh, me too. my entire tumblr is basically shades of pink right now.

  2. What a beautiful color range!

  3. Something about pastels and summer that go hand in hand, and your mood board definitely makes me think of warmer climates! I am crushing on that bag, it's just so unusual!

    Adrienne | latenightnonsense

  4. Yup, muted pinks/peaches and all things neutral and nude are what many of us are dreaming of this season :) I absolutely love that bag, it's so unique and fun!!


  5. Oh pink and peach! Who could resist? I hope your soul searching adventures take you down a blissful path. Love these photos dear!

  6. i love the jewellery you've chosen! they're such beautiful delicate pieces, you should definitely treat yourself to that ring for your birthday. and i've heard so much about jouer lately (all good things of course), i'll have to make sure i check out their range.

    little henry lee

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  8. That snack bag is funny and alluring at the same time !


  9. This post is just so calm and lovely, it really made me smile. And the jewellery is gorgeous, that ring is something you could wear every day xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

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