WEN by Chaz Dean

WEN Healthy Hair Kit / $39.50

When it comes to my hair, I try to be relatively gentle. Having naturally curly and dry hair means being even more prone to damage. It also means I have to be careful with what I use and how often I use it. I've been watching Anna Lee & Jesse's videos for quite some time now and Anna swears by Wen (she also works at the Chaz Dean studio in LA). Soooo I figured I'd give it a go.

What intrigued me about this stuff (other than the fact that Anna's hair always looks flawless) is it's lack of sulfates and other not-so-great things that might be present in everyday shampoo/conditioners. It's got alcohol in it which isn't great but also not the worst, as well as a ton of plant/fruit oils and extracts. I currently use Pureology and a Honey & Oat conditioner but I sometimes feel like my hair is a bit weighed down. The cleansing conditioner smells incredible and the mint in it makes your scalp tingle (awesome). You just pump, apply, massage, let sit, and rinse. Pretty easy. In the kit, I also got the Replenishing Treatment Mist and the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. I love getting kits because it means I can try out everything vs just buying all full size from the get go and possibly not even like it!

Day one of this stuff and I'm pretty excited to see if there are any long term effects of using it. My hair already feels a bit lighter; a bit like that fresh salon-styled feeling. It'd be pretty badass if this could replace normal shampoo and conditioner for me. We'll see!

Have you guys tried Wen before?

This is going to be more of an ongoing "feature". I'll write a post updating how things are going with this each week, maybe every other week. 


  1. I love (x10) your photos & reviews in equal parts.


  2. love this post chelsea! I've been thinking about trying this set and my hair isn't too dissimilar to yours. Will have a look x

  3. I always hear such mixed reviews on WEN products so I'm curious to see how you get on with it :)


  4. I've used Wen before and it was by accident - it's a very long story! But I really loved it, the smell is so minty and I felt it was gorgeous. I always used loads of the conditioner, I don't know why I guess it's a habit of mine which could be potentially a negative I guess however my hair was always left very soft and it helped the condition of my hair very much which I loved about it! I guess it is a little pricey for me but I did love it!

  5. I think most of the mixed reviews are because people don't understand that if you naturally have oily hair, this probably isn't the product for you.

    I have dry and curly hair and Wen really helped it to be more manageable and lighter. I actually started letting my hair air dry rather than try straighten it out. Hope it works well for you Chelsea!


  6. I used Wen and it made my hair fall out. I had blood work done and even saw a dermatologist to make certain it was the Wen and not something else...sure enough a couple weeks after I stopped using it my hair stopped falling out. I contacted the company and they refunded my money...they said they were aware that some customer experienced hair loss. Just be careful.

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