FOTD: Reloving

We're having some ridiculously nice weather here in Northern California as of late. Something about the summer spring sunshine makes me want to whip out the corals and pinks and do cartwheels in the freshly cut grass — well maybe not cartwheels (just yet). But really, I get stupidly tan in summer and the way coral looks on a tanned skin highly appeals to me and my cheeks. So I thought it was time to whip out some things I haven't used in quiiiiite a long time.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is something I've been using a lot lately after forgetting over winter, oops! I love the smooth feeling that it leaves my skin with. The perfect base for foundation, voilaTouché Éclat has grazed my skin once again. I swear I will never get sick of this stuff — I'm actually repurchasing tomorrow because I've officially run out. I really do feel like it will be holy grail for me forever. 

Orgasm! Ohhhh la la!!!1!1!!11!! No but seriously I love this color and mine (as you can see) is well loved. I haven't really touched it since summertime last year but I am sooo ready to get back to wearing it. It's such a pretty coral-pink, plus I love a little pop of color right on those apples. Swept MAC's Soft & Gentle on the top of my cheekbones which you can't even see, but it's there! I'm still iffy about powder highlighters after getting the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector, but hey. Every product needs a little lovin' now and again. 

L'Oreal Mascara that has been in heavy rotation for me as of late. Now if only I could get seriously dramatic volume with this crazy length I would have the loveliest lashes in all the land. Swiped MAC Era all over the lids (a new edition to my collection/palette) and I'm obsessed already. Patina in the crease just to add a little somthin' somethin'. Definition. EYES. All that jazz. (I forgot to add in what I used for brows but it's just my normal Anastasia Brow Wiz + Charcoal Brown by MAC)

Cut A Caper. Sound familiar? Every time MAC re-releases this color people go nuts. When they did last year, I went nuts, but for good reason. Do you see that color? Perfect bright coral perfection. This was my summer go-to last year and you bet it'll be my go-to this year. P.S. Please re-release this so I don't have to use it sparingly. xoxo.

That's it for my face of the day. Simple! What do you guys think? What are some things you love but may have forgotten about? 


  1. I must say that I love your posts! Your mini-reviews are great and to the point. I must say that you've caused me to add a few things to my wish list. :) Keep on doing what you're doing!

  2. ahh i love it when people take beautiful photographs! great post, you look stunning! I love NARS Orgasm, I have the multiple stick version and it's just so pretty! Think I might add Patina to my palette next :)


  3. Looking lovely as always!! Orgasm is definitely a shade that deserves some love once the sun comes out (thank goodness it's been finally shining some heat here in Massachusetts!) and the other things look great for this time of year as well. Whipping out summer products is always such a fresh and fun thing to do with your makeup wardrobe <3


  4. Your eyebrows look perfect! Loved this post.

    Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. Thank you! Growin' em out is paying off! xo

  5. Okay, the first thing that popped out at me was that lipstick. But then I read that it's limited edition - grrrr! I hate it when MAC does that (especially with their lipsticks). I'm gonna see if I can get it on ebay because it really does look like the perfect spring/summer shade! Thanks for posting about it babe :)

    Secondly, I'm dying to try that YSL foundation but unless it's oil-free I'm afraid it'll break me out. I think I heard someone describe it as a gel-based foundation, but I can't remember. Either way it looks absolutely lovely and gives the skin a fresh glow :)

    1. Not positive if it's oil-free, but it seems more water based than gel based! x

    2. Oooh that's good news! I'll have to remember to swatch it the next time I go to the mall. Thanks darling :)

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