Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray / $39

Sometimes I get excited about a product I haven't tried yet, and a lot of those times I'll splurge and regret. This is not one of those times. Oh, but how can you justify $39 for a bottle of dry shampoo/texture spray? Well when it's 8.5oz (300ml) and works like a dream, how can you not?

I love Batiste, don't get me wrong, but this is on a whole 'nother level. How so? Well firstly when used as a dry shampoo, it doesn't come out white. I don't have to worry and be a little too meticulous while styling my hair on day two or three. If I'm not in the mood to wash my hair, what makes you think I want to spend 5 extra minutes ridding my crown of white powder residue? This spray soaks up the oils like no other and leaves your hair feeling really clean. I mean really. Also can I just mention the smell? Powdery, fruity, maybe a hint of vanilla (or something along those lines); it's heavenly and even Richard was like "your hair smells so good"!

As a texturizer, it also scores pretty high up there. Need volume? Spray. Need added texture without the use of an extra oil or pomade type product? Spray. What I like most is the use I've gotten out of this so far. I can spray at the roots and get a load of added body, or I can spray all over and ruffle for a light-weight bed head look. This is the perfect alternative to Brilliantine if you're not in the mood to get you're hands dirty, so to speak. Have I mentioned the smell yet? Yeah? I can't get over it.

For the price I think this stuff is worth it. I'm interested to see how long this will last me considering it is still kind of spendy — that said, so far I've barely used any to achieve the look(s) I want so I'm guessing this will be around for quite a while.

As far as dry shampoo goes, this is my holy grail. I should also mention they make a little mini can for your purse or if you'd like to test it out (yes you should test it!!!!). What do you guys think of this stuff? Have you used it before?


  1. Ooh, tempting! I might have to order the purse size . . .

  2. Oh my gosh, you make this sound HEAVENLY!!! My wallet is crying already...


  3. must test out the smaller size. i've been so curious about this product, just couldn't get myself to shell out the $$! but you're oh so convincing!


  4. It sounds like you really love this spray :D
    Although I have to say it doesn't sound that much for me but I really enjoyed reading your review as your writing style is really great :D <3

  5. I tried this the other day and it smells Divine. I like this way more than Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray -- I think because my hair doesn't have any curl naturally, so salt water doesn't do much besides dry out my hair. This on the other hand, gave me texture without leaving my hair roughed up even after I washed it out.

  6. Ahh after reading this post I'm so tempted to get this product!!! Haha I might purchase it after I finish the Lush dry shampoo I have now!
    Great post :) x

  7. where can i get this hairspray? sounds fab!!

    1. You can get it here. PS it's not a hairspray, just dry shampoo + texturizer! x

  8. OH! that looks really good! Putting it on the list!

  9. this is one of those products that i will never find myself without. i buy two at a time - it's that amazing. loyal to it, forevermore.


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