For Love & Lemons | About a Girl - Spring '13

Photos via For Love & Lemons

❝Where the modern gypsy is punk, For Love & Lemons is a brand to relate to, 
for that girl that doesn't follow trends, she makes them.❞

Sometimes a collection comes along and slips through — somehow, some way, I miss them. Then one day while I'm meandering around the internet, I find it. For Love & Lemons, that is.

I'm pretty sure if there was a collection to encompass me as a person, this would be it. Flowing, frilly, all sheer everything. I love the lightness of it which all seems ever so reminiscent of this scene in Marie Antoinette. Its ethereal color palette is ultra feminine with a sexy-and-yet-gentle side. I already knew I was into the chunky heels/wedges + socks this season but this all just furthers that. It's like, tou know when you see someone who seems as though they just woke up and and were just immediately effortlessly chic? This is it. This is all of that.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for the blush pinks and sheer pattered kimono/dresses. Maybe it's Ashley's fresh makeup; light blue eyes and a perfect rose lip. The messy tresses that I can never stray away from. Of course a lot of it is the dreamy/fucking perfect styling (Ashley Glorioso you are a damn goddess) but I can't help but to look at these clothes and not want to be in them. Half-naked in the kitchen or lounging around in the sun — there's something about what I'm seeing here that makes me ever so nostalgic for summer. Then suddenly that nostalgia is overtaken by the utter realization that I need to own at least once piece from this collection. It's just so relatable. 

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Model: Ashely Smith
Styling: Ashley Glorioso
Hair: Ashlee Rose
Makeup: Samuel Paul


  1. WOW!!! the pics are so sensuous ... even I need something from this collection now. :)

  2. This is going to sound ultra-creepy, but I want those panties (second shot down from the top). Oh God, sorry.

    1. Dude that ain't even weird. I thought that when I saw this!

  3. I actually love the styling, her skin is perfect and I love the dewy look!

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