Bumble and bumble Brilliantine

Bumble and bumble Brilliantine / $23

When I want a piecey look with a bit of hold, I stick to my trusty Semisumo. When I'm feeling lazy and want to look like I've spent ages making my hair look done-up, I use this. So what's the difference between Semisumo and Brilliantine? Brilliantine doesn't hold well, barely at all to be honest, and that's okay. It leaves you with the slightest bit of separation and definition but looks soft. It doesn't add weight (Semisumo definitely does). It doesn't add too much texture. What it does add is a ridiculous amount of shine. Plus it's more of a 2-in-1 product.

There are two ways I use this stuff, which kind of makes me feel like I'm getting more for my money. Maybe? Maybe not.

On dry hair: Add a bit into my palms, rub between hands, run fingers through the hair or on top of the hair. Do I need more? Add more product, run through hair again. A little goes a loooong way with the stuff so less is definitely more. If I want a more messy fun look I'll go this route. It's just that little bit of texture/slightly sexy somethin' somethin'. No added weight, no problem.

On wet hair: Add product onto palms, rub between, run through mid-shaft and ends. Blow-dry. Straighten (if you'd like). Done. What have I just achieved? The shiniest hair ever.  Not just shine, I'm talking extreme shine even on slightly damaged tresses. Literally I have never seen my hair look so sleek. No joke. The teensiest bit of added texture it gives is just perfect for added volume and manageability.

My hair ends up feeling just incredible. I love the weightlessness of Brilliantine as well as the fact that it seems to leave me with less build-up than Semisumo. Don't get me wrong, that hi-shine, lo-hold pomade still holds a place in my heart but I'm not sure it's as versatile as this. Let it be known that I have used the two together. Brilliantine for lots of shine and Semisumo for the perfect finishing touch.

What do you guys think of Brilliantine?
P.S. I used this the day I shot Patisserie so you can see what it looks like in my hurr!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous product - I'm looking for a hair product that gives texture to the hair without weighing it down and this seems perfect. Might give it a try!


  2. Never tried it before but this sounds AMAZING!!!!
    Great review really well written :D <3

  3. I was worried this would make my hair look greasy, but I'm glad it's working out for you!

  4. You make this sound so wonderful!! I'm always looking for ways to make my hair looking healthier and more shiny :)


    1. You should definitely check this stuff out. I'm slightly obsessed! x

  5. I discovered your blog maybe one or two weeks ago and I absolutely love to read your texts. Great blog:)♥

  6. i bought this a couple of weeks ago and i love it too! its one of the few things that just make my hair look shinier & healthier rather than greasy & overloaded xx

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