L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge: Tender Berry, Rambling Rose, & Bold Bordeaux

L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in 519, 212, & 741 · $10.49/ea

I've heard a lot of good things about L'Oreal's lipsticks lately and thought I'd try a few out for myself. As my obsession with lip products grows, so does my collection. I wanted to pick up a few autumn and winter colors as most of what I have at the moment is more for spring and summer.

Tender Berry (519) is a light pinky rose color that is perfect for daily wear — subtle enough to not be in-your-face but still a nice splash of color that is absolutely perfect for pulling a look together.

Rambling Rose (212) is a reaaaally gorgeous in-between type color. I feel like this would be an amazing shade to just throw on and not have to think about. That said, I'm not a fan of the shimmers! The other two colors don't really have shimmer at all and I think the shimmer makes the color a little less classy. That said, I'm still a fan of this one.

Bold Bordeaux (741) is way brighter than it looks in the tube, I can assure you that. At first it kind of scared me as I'm not used to bright red/maroon lipsticks but the more I wore it, the more I love it (and I've got to admit it's my favorite of the three! For someone who used to never wear lipstick, I feel like I've made such a huge transition, ha. This color is perfect for gloomy days when you just want a little somethin' somethin', or for nights out and fancy occasions. I would totally wear this out during the day too! It's just such a beautiful color!!

Overall I love these lipsticks. They're semi-long lasting and don't feel as drying as some lipsticks can. They do seem to leave lip marks on cups but even with that I don't notice much of a difference on my lips. There are a lot of shades out there so I'm sure I'll be looking around for more that catch my eye!

What do you guys think of these? Have you tried them yet?


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