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Going along with the theme of eyelashes I figured I'd show you all another little tool I use to help achieve those long and lengthy lashes. The same day I got my beloved Dior Iconic Mascara, the Sephora MUA told me about an amazing set of eyelash curlers that would essentially blow my mind. She explained that unlike a lot of other curlers these don't pull on/pinch your eyelids and give you an incredible curl that lasts all day (she also told me that she uses them herself and her lashes looked stunning so I was basically sold). I had been using the same curlers for a reeeeeally long time and figured maybe I should finally invest in a better pair. Well, I'm glad I did.

These are really really wonderful. They give you a crazy awesome curl but are surprisingly gentle — there's no pulling/tugging or pinching feeling at all when you use them. It also takes a lot less effort; with my old pair I had to press hard to get a decent curl and with these the softest close + hold gives you an almost perfect curl! I usually use 1-2 times per eye to get the look I want, following the directions that were on the box. All in all I'm glad I spent the money on these because they're really just a dream to use!

What's your favorite brand of eyelash curlers? Have you tried these?


  1. You know, I have never used an eyelash curler! I usually just use a quick coat of mascara. Maybe I'll give one a try. ;)

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