MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick

I've actually had this lipstick for quite a while now (probably about a month or so) and in that time it's most definitely become my #1. This is one of those MAC colors that everyone lusts over and once I saw it I fell in love.

I was walking through Bloomingdales and spotted it right after I bought Angel — I'd never seen it in person before but it was just so recognizable. I tried it on, thought "this is my color", Richard said he loved it, and basically at that moment I knew I had to have it. It (obviously) wasn't in stock at the MAC counter so I immediately ordered it from my phone. That was the first purchase I ever made with my iPhone, and a justified one at that! Shipping only took a few days and then I had the most gorgeous coral lipstick in my possession ♥. I've been wearing it paired with NARS Orgasm quite a lot as I love the two of them together, it's kind of as if they were made to be worn together. I really feel as though this is one of those lipsticks I can throw it on day or night and it will look always amazing (especially with my skin tone).

I'm already thinking about ordering a backup as I'm not sure I could be without this color once I run out. What do you all think?


  1. It is definitely pretty on you! i'm not one for backups, because i'm always distracted by the latest new product haha, but you should if you really like it and actually think you'll use it up! :)


  2. Thanx for the post, just today I was wondering again


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