MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick · $15.00

I've been wanting to get a few more lipsticks to add to my collection as I've just started getting really into wearing them. I used to be a bit fearful of wearing any colors on my lips but that all changed once I started frequenting the MAC counters and stores. I started with Saint Germain (go figure), then Cosmo, and now Angel. 

I wear Cosmo quite often — it's a nice reddish tone and is totally different to Saint Germain which is a super bright Marina Diamandis-esque pink. I wanted something a little more subtle for daytime and something that would really suit my skin. The woman at the MAC counter in Bloomingdales kept handing me bright colors (lol) but then handed me this. Immediately I loved it, asked Richard for his opinion, and 3 minutes later I purchased it.

It's the perfect pink for me and is a lot lighter on the lips than you'd think. I was afraid of the frost finish as I've got quite chapped lips most of the time, but it seems to be okay with a little lip balm. I've been wearing it every day since I got it which is a good sign (except for the fact that I ordered another lipstick from MAC which I love even more than this and it should be here tomorrow, oops).

What do you guys think of Angel? What's your favorite MAC lipstick/finish?


  1. This looks lovely on you! Thanks for the pictures - when I first saw the color in the tube, it looked kind of too dark for me, but you're right - it looks a lot lighter on the lips. Pretty! :)

    1. Thank you! It's such an amazing color and seems to work on every skin tone :) x

  2. Found you through Beautylish, I can't to see more!
    Makeup by Rachel

  3. This looks like a really good 'not so bold' colour. It really suits you! Great blog:) x


  4. oooh pretty! I was thinking about this shade yesterday, but I don't know, mac lipsticks seem kind of drying for me. i keep obsessing over pricier ones... want to try burberry, loving tom ford and guerlain

    1. This one is semi-drying, Saint Germain is semi-drying, Cut A caper (which I'm reviewing soon) isn't drying at all! I usually wear a balm underneath anyways :3 MAC lipsticks are just my favorite. I'll have to try some more high end ones. Let me know if you find anything good x

  5. I really like this lipstick! The colour is beautiful and I think you can use it for daily life!! Thumbs up!

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