Glossybox USA: August 2012

Glossybox · $21/month

I'm going to be honest here, I am absolutely amazed/enamored/infatuated with this months Glossybox. The best part about it? It's the first one I've gotten and they've really made an incredible first impression. The theme of this month is Pure Luxury, so this box is chocked full of serums and luxurious cosmetics to leave you feeling fresh and pampered. 

Illamasqua is one of those brands that seems to be doing everything right. Their foundations, blushes and lipsticks are all amazing, so when I saw that I'd received a nail polish by them I was super stoked. The color I got is called "Load" and it's this really gorgeous creamy white color with a hint of yellow. Perfect for F/W, non? 

The Ole Hendriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster is actually something I nearly bought this weekend, so I'm glad I didn't! It's packed full of Vitamin C and helps to firm and smooth leaving you with more radiant skin. It's got a light and lovely citrus smell and rave reviews so I can't wait to try this out for myself. 

Touch in Sol is a Korean brand I've never heard of before (their stuff isn't carried at Sephora or Ulta) but it seems like they make some awesome products. The Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base is a primer that you're supposed to use after your skincare routine and before makeup application. It's got honey in it which is great for tightening the skin and it's also supposed to "allow for a better makeup routine". I'm so down with that! It's really light and feels like silk once you apply, pat, and allow it to sink into your skin.

The Ellis Faas Creamy Lips is overall a gorgeous product, though the color I received (L107 - Chocolate Caramel) doesn't suit me that well. Maybe I'm just not used to brown/darker lip shades but I'm still up for giving it a try. I do want to check out some other colors in the line because it seems like a really awesome lip product.

Biolage is a company that I think we all know — their stuff is used in most salons and you can find their products mostly anywhere. The ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment is something I'm definitely looking forward to trying as my hair can get verrrry dull, especially in summer. It's supposed to add instant shine without weighing your hair down. 

All in all this box is most definitely a 10/10 — introducing me to companies and products I haven't heard of before as well as including some I know and love. What do you all think of the products above? What colors did you get in your boxes?!

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