Benefit Hervana

Benefit Hervana  · $28

Oh Benefit, I can't seem to stay away from your products for longer than a week. This may be becoming an obsession.

Hervana is described as "good karma face powder" and while I'm not quite sure what that actually means, it doesn't really matter because I am officially infatuated with this stuff.

I waaas a bit skeptical how this would look on my olive toned skin. Orgasm is my go-to blush (but whose isn't?) so I'm really used to coral/pink and not so much berry tones. I asked a MUA at Sephora what she thought and told me to go for it because it would look fab and I wouldn't regret it. She was right. It's basically the opposite of what I usually wear and I'm totally okay with that because this stuff compliments my skin in ways I never thought were possible. Contouring, brightening, giving me nice flush  — basically everything you want from a blush. 

I've been using this way more than Orgasm and am definitely excited to try other Benefit blushes. Benefit is easily growing to be one of my favorite brands *gasp* but is that really much of a surprise when the quality of their products is so high/great?

What do you guys think of Hervana? Which Benefit blush should I try next?


  1. Hey Chelsea!

    What's your application technique with this?

    I love your reviews because we have the same olive skin tone so I know the products will look great on me, too!

    Ya look gorge as usual :D

    1. Hey Amy :) I basically just swirl my angled blush brush in this a few times, suck in my cheeks (fish-face style) and buff in! I find angled blush brushes are better for a more contoured look without the need to actually contour. Let me know if you have any other q's! Also, that's awesome that you have the same skin tone! And thank you! <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Hey,

    great post! Unfortunately I dont thik we can get it in Serbia... but it looks great!

    Im following!

    I would like to share my blog with you, and feel free to follow back if you like it.


    xoxo LLD

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  4. Hi Chelsea!
    I found your blog on ibf and I'm so glad I did! I absolutely love it! I plan on buying this blush now because it looks so pretty on you!

    Thanks for the review!


  5. oooh it does look quite pretty on you. I always felt like hervana would be too cool pink or something, but I guess not! Love the photos as usual. :)

  6. I really want to try out this blush, it looks so pretty!



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