Summer Favorites: The Game Changers

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It's been a while... But that's fine. I'm definitely a believer in the "something is better than nothing" kind of lifestyle.

This summer has been jam packed — aka I no complaints whatsoever. With so many travels as of late, I've come to find there are some specific products I'm not sure what I'd do without. Some are old, some are new, but they're all nothing less than amazing. So without further ado...

My taste in foundation hasn't really changed though I guess you could say I've gotten a bit more specific about what I like. Dewy but natural with the potential for a bit extra coverage. I like light and buildable foundations, ones that last all day and can take on California heat or harsh Scandinavian rain storms (thanks, Stockholm). Armani Luminous Silk is all of these things in one. I've talked about it before and I still love it just as much, if not a bit more.

Redken Pillow Proof is a new one for me. A hair primer that helps shave off some blow-dry time and keeps your hair looking nearly perfect for days after washing? Into it. It protects your hair from 450ยบ heat and keeps frizz at bay. Plus, I'm obviously a sucker for that pink packaging. This is definitely a staple that I'll be keeping around for a while.

Kevin Murphy Angel Masque* has changed my hair in ways I never thought were possible. Every single time I use this stuff I love it more and more. This has essentially replaced my daily conditioner (especially because I only try to wash my hair 1-2x a week) and I'm pretty sure there's no going back. I'm almost done with this pretty little bottle and if you think I won't be purchasing, well you're wrong. This stuff is heavenly, hence the name I suppose.

These are the definite game changers of the season. The select few that have done big things and have earned a permanent spot in my beauty regimen.

What are your all-time summer favorites?

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