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Skincare is ever-changing, at least for me. It's important to learn to adapt with your skin — and because of that I have a little bit of everything lying around the house. Lately my skin has been a bit finicky. It's safe to assume the weather change and frequent flights over the past few months have confused my poor face, but it's okay! There are lots of helpful products for all your skin needs.

I've been trailing Dr. Hauschka's Soothing Cleansing Milk. When it comes to skincare I'm most fickle with cleansers. This one is nice — it's not incredible by any means but the texture and fragrance are lovely and it does leave my face pretty clean. I have a feeling that one of these days I'll be reordering Aurelia's Miracle Cleanser. I went through a pot of it last fall and haven't stopped thinking about it since. It's probably time...

My moisturizer of choice is still Glossier's Priming Moisturizer. I love it! It's light and simple and leaves my face feeling like a nice fresh canvas, cuz that's what we want, right?

When it comes to masks, I've been really digging REN's ClearCalm 3 Acne Treatment Mask. I've been breaking out (womp womp) and this is definitely helping to rid and prevent any pesky spots! I was skeptical but it's definitely worth the price. It's a lil miracle worker and is easily one of the best acne related products I've ever used.

I'm trailing some Caudalie minis! I'm all about testing out before committing when it comes to spendy products. Caudalie's S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum is pretty nice as far as serums good. I feel like my face is a bit more supple and hydrated when I use this and honestly? It just feels gooooood. I'm also trying their S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue which is as great as it should be for being Caudalie. Seems to keep my eyes less puffy overall and so I can't complain. When I'm all out I'll probably pick up a full size of each of these because skincare.

If I'm spending a day around the house sans-makeup post-cleanse-and-mask, my serum of choice is Fresh's Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil. This is the kind of product that feels luxurious and stupidly nice on the skin. One that you swear works the moment you rub it in. It's like an instant shot of moisture! A little goes a long way with this stuff too.

Last but not least: Glossier's Soothing Face Mist. I use this stuff constantly— when I wake up, before the gym, after showering, after the gym, when I'm bored. Rose water forever. Don't underestimate the power of a simple face spray.

That pretty much sums up my skincare life at the current moment. I'm sure this will all change as the seasons and weather change but for now, this it! What are your favorite skincare products?!


  1. How have I never seen that Ren product! I use the Clear Calm Clay Cleanser and love it. But need a bit of an oomph sometimes.


  2. All of these products look incredible! I need to look more into Caudalie as a brand as I am constantly hearing about them.


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  4. I love REN products. They help clearing my skin from pimples.

    Ana - hushhush990.blogspot.com

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