Week in Review · No 3

Place of Interest: Mast Brothers Chocolate, Williamsburg, BK

One of the places I think I'll miss the most, other than St. Balmain, is probably Mast Brothers Chocolate. Why? Post-brunch chocolate chip cookies. The end.



  • I have to admit, I love seeing what kiddos eat all around the world. 
  • Brunch Is for Jerks? I guess I'm a jerk. The point of view in this article is so aggressive and anti-millenial that I couldn't not laugh. It's brunch. Just let me enjoy my eggs benny and bottomless mimosas. I promise, I'm not hurting anyone. p.s. Jules, I forgive you.
  • I wrote a piece on what it's like to be assaulted. 
  • Currently sat on a plane en-route to NYC for what will hopefully be the last time. I'm packing up all my stuff and moving back west. #GIRLBOSS is my in-flight read of choice and I'm stoked. Anyone else read this? What's your take? 
  • This tweet.
  • There's a Henri Matisse exhibit happening at the MoMA in NYC until Feb 2015. Go! 
  • Also, this fall foliage map is epic. Thankful I'll be in New York during one of the most gorgeous times of year.



  • Made in Heights is back — that should come as no surprise. They're easily becoming one of my favorite groups. This song is no exception.
  • Sebastian Carter does some of my favorite remixes as of late. Can't stop listening to this one lately.
  • Disco inspired everything, please and thank you. Girl, Forever by Satin Jackets is my god damn jam. I've found myself throwing this on repeat countless times the past few weeks. No regrets — this track is incredible. 
  • Rolling by Jugu was a recommendation from a friend and yup, it made the list because it's exactly the kind of thing I've been into lately. A bit mysterious, semi-sensual vocals.
  • I'm a big fan of bonobo so when I saw Flashlight pop-up in my Soundcloud stream, I was stoked. Never a letdown.
  • Stay With Us by • Seoul • is one of those feel good songs. The kind of song I tend to listen to while getting ready. Atmospheric, light, ambient. Light some candles, watch the rain. This is good stuff. 
  • Holy mother of Jon Hopkins. I feel like I'll never get over this song. I'm a fan of Jon Hopkins, don't get me wrong, but this track is out of this world. So beautiful. Just give it a listen. 

That's all for this week's lil review. Tomorrow I'll be back posting more normal stuffs, yay!


  1. That's a really nice breakdown of your week. The packing stuff was probably a doozy, with all the equipment around for that, but I'm sure you've around it on your own way. Anyway, thanks for sharing all of those, including the music you're currently into. All the best to you!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.

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