What's In My Bag for Fashion Week

This is a bit exciting, I suppose! A little while back I shot a video with Glam while I was in San Francisco about what I'd pack in my bag for fashion week. The concept was to curate a little bag that you could take straight from the airport to NYFW. Simple, right? Not so much as I wanted to pack all black. Tell me if you're surprised!

In my Cuyana Tote was:

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine #10, Chocolate Instyle
MAC Rebel
MAC Breath of Plum

Shoemint heels (similar here)
Catbird + Endswell rings
Beanie from Voyager

Dress from Wasteland
Helmut Lang skirt
Romper from Jane's Closet
Zara leather jacket

Samsung NX-300

That romper has been in full rotation and I don't think I've gone two days without wearing that beanie since I got it. I finished that YSL lipstick since shooting (RIP) and will probably repurchase; we all know I love those 90's brown lips. Still digging that leather jacket I bought a few years back — so impressed with the quality of Zara's leather goods, if I'm being honest. And of course I go nowhere without my lil camera + rings. Woo.

I had so much fun shooting and love how it came out. Check out the video, let me know what you think, and leave me some comments telling me what you would put in your bag for fashion week, yay!

P.S. Give a little love to Kristen and Kelly; they were amazing!


  1. Such a lovely video! I love the look of Mac's breath of plum x


  2. You were such a friggin cutie in this, Chels. Your selections were A+. So you, so The Dauphine. Loved it.

  3. Your bag was definitely the best one in my opinion. And that's because I love leather and the colour black :P

  4. I really loved this! Even though I've never been to any event like that but still really nice to watch and see the fashion and beauty picks! :)

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