Week in Review · No 2

Place of Interest: Two Hands · Little Italy, NYC

If you're in the area and find yourself wanting a little snack (or like, the best latte ever) check out Two Hands. Another great Aussie coffee shop. Oh, and their cookies and avocado toast are to. die. for.



  • I can't stop quoting this tweet. I'm not even sorry about it. 
  • Still stuck on Duolingo. Level 9 in French. Vous venez ici souvent?
  • Brace yourselves: Radiohead is coming back.
  • NYT Cooking is great. I'm addicted to the New York Times, if you haven't figured that out by now. I read it every morning (except today). Oops. The Newstand app is great. So is the NYT Now app... but I really just prefer this NYT Skimmer for web. So good. 
  • I'm still dying for one of these



  • Lia Ices has been on repeat all week. Thousand Eyes in particular, though. This song is pretty freaking great in every sense of the word. 
  • Pretty jealous of everyone who saw KAYTRANADA this weekend in SF. This one has got it goin' on.
  • I think I love Fouk! It's a thing. I can't help it. This is no exception; a play on elevator music? Oh god yes. Just listen to it. Close your eyes. Enjoy.
  • This one's a bit older but I went to see with my babely boyfriend last night and DAMN. She puts on a great show. If you have the chance to go see her, I would definitely suggest going. When she started singing this song I FREAKED OUT. I mean, who wouldn't?
  • I'm not sure if it's the weather or what but I've been digging atmospheric stuff a lot lately. As per usual, Tycho doesn't disappoint. See is a good one.
  • I'm always on the hunt for new stuff. I came across Gidge on Rdio and was immediately obsessed with this song. The entire album is pretty ace but this song is just something else. It was nothing like I expected to be, and I think that's what I love most about it. 
  • POOM! I can't ever say no to some good French music. POOM is a favorite of mine and their newest track De la Vitesse à l'lvresse is smooth, sensual, and sweet. Just like I like it. 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Until next time...


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so with you on that tweet, I feel like I've been saying that ever since I saw it! I'm also clutching my pearls at the prospect of a new Radiohead album, it feels like forever ago that The King of Limbs came out and I need more!

    Bramble & Thorn

  2. Avocado toast may be one of my very favourite things. So delicious. Great tunes too!

  3. That avo looks amazing!! Perfect accompaniment to coffee :)

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  5. Please can I just have everything in that picture? Yum!

    Really great music picks too :)

    Lorna | www.studsanddreams.com xx

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