Week in Review · No 1

Life isn't always lipstick and platforms. I swear I have other interests. I figured I could post about them here too. It's all relevant.


Place of InterestLittle Paper Planes · San Francisco, CA

Visited this little shop while I was in SF last and I'm obsessed with it. I want to buy everything. I want to photograph everything. They carry Small Spells and ANN-YA and I mean, just look at that space. It's perfect.



· I recently read this NYT article about exerting self-control and now I want to buy this book just out of interest
· I'm using Duolingo again! You should too!
· My dear friend Sophie wrote a little list for staying productive while working from home. Keep it nearby just incase you start to get off track.
· I'm answering some questions (beauty, fashion, life) on my blog tomorrow so let me know if there's anything you would like to know! Ask here.
· This tweet made me laugh and this one is just relevant
· I want to eat and make everything on Superfood Siobhan. Might be drooling. Hot.
· Featured on VSCO this week?! Mind. Blow. Thanks guys!


Music: I've been listening to such good stuff lately! Notable favorites include:

· Tennis' I'm Callin' — a new track with 80's vibes that I can absolutely get down with
· Shoutout to Mr. Twin Sister. I like you guys. I also like this song. The end.
· Made in Heights might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they're mine, and Murakami is great. If you want something a little softer, check out Pirouette.
· Favorite song currently. Waited 4 U by Slow Magic. I mean, just listen to it.
· This Alex Adair remix of Jessie Ware's Say You Love Me has literally been in my head all day which I'm pretty sure gives it enough cred to be on this playlist
· A Simple Design is probably one of my favorite songs off The Juan Maclean's recently released album, In A Dream.
· The best way to end this playlist is with the most perfect end of summer song (which is also aptly named), Goodbye Summer by Misun

Mix of the week: The Magician's Magic Tape 45, duh


Anyway, that's all for now! Let me know what you think of these kinds of series. They're more fun for me than anything else. Plus, it's nice to see what I've been up to and enjoying all week long. So stoked that it's Thursday, can't wait for the weekend. Bye guys!


  1. cute! i love this jessie ware remix too ~ https://soundcloud.com/jessieware/jessie-ware-say-you-love-me-shura-remix

    xo - tay

  2. Thanks for introducing me to made in height's "murakami." obsessed now.

  3. The design of that shop looks amazing!

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook

  4. Thanks for sharing this store! I've been living in SF for a year now and never heard of this place, it seems amazing! x

  5. Little Paper Planes looks wicked, I wish I could visit. (Thanks for linking to my post!)

  6. Little Paper Planes looks like such a nice store!

    Bramble & Thorn

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