Early Spring Favorites

Let's just start out by saying that I am so stupidly thankful the snow is gone. Now I can only hope it stays that way *fingers crossed*. I'm not normally that into spring to be honest. I dig summer, love fall, and winter is pretty enough for me to deal but there's just something very meh about spring weather for me. Those in-between days where it's too windy to go sans-jacket but if you're in the sun long enough it's just ugh, sweltering? I can't get behind it. That said, all I want is sun and I don't care if I need light layers. I will do it as long as there is no more snow. And with that, all the pretty berry shades I own will be used a little less and the peachy ones a bit more. You know, cuz I'm predictable and all. 

When I got my hair cut in January (best haircut eva) my stylist recommended the Moroccan Oil Glimmer Spray. Basically does what it says +  protects your hair against sun and a bunch of other elements. Considering it hit 80ยบ here on Sunday, I'd say this is a definite must for the warmer months. It's been a daily-use product for me and I couuuld live without it but like, why would I want to? 

I'm back in the Burberry game, back to the first perfume I ever wore (and stuck to) and I still love it all the same. It's such a light, sexy scent which is one of the reasons why it'll be on rotation all throughout the spring and summer. 

Face/base wise, I've been fairly consistent these past few months. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize with the Fresh's Lotus Moisturizer. It's super light on the skin which is reaaaaally important to me. It keeps my skin feeling perfectly hydrated and supple and I love it. The smell is pretty lovely too. For foundation I've been using Bobbi Brown Longwear quite a bit. It's so glorious and I'm not sure why it took me so long to try. Sometimes I mix it with primer for a lighter, daytime coverage and then I'll build it up for nights out. It's incredibly versatile and the shade range is pretty great. I really want to check out the BB cream next — do any of you recommend it?

Moving on to MAC. Ahhh, who doesn't love some classic MAC shades? I bought Harmony so long ago and was obsessed, then I fell out of love (as one can sometimes do), and then rediscovered it not too long ago. What the hell was I thinking? It's the perfect spring contour if I don't want to go all out with NARS Laguna. It's subtle and it's matte — plus it looks good paired with all my favorite peachy pink blushes. For lips I've been sticking with nudes/browns; must be the 90s thing going on. Anyway, Modesty is amazing and very similar to Patisserie except it's less pink and more nude. 

I'll probably do a follow up post / monthly favorites posts after this but I just thought I'd talk about my favorite things as of late. What are you guys loving?!

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