2014 Astrology Calendar

If you don't know by now, you should probably know: I'm kind of obsessed with astrology. I say "kind of" but what I really mean is wow omg I'm so obsessed give me everything please okay thank you. I'm very unapologetic about it all too — I know some people think it's complete crap buuuut I'm not some people and I luv it. Gimme the constellations, gimme the moon, most of all give me my horoscope (and like 50 iOS horoscope apps). Thanks in advance.

This calendar is a thing of beauty. I'm quite thankful that a certain lovely person found this baby on tumblr and sent it my way; it's totally me. Each month isn't exactly a real month — no January 1-31 here. Instead, the months + days go by sign. Right now we're in Pisces, which goes from the end of February to the end of March. The whole concept is pretty adorable and I'm down with livin' my days by the star signs. To be fair, I kind of do already but now I'm on a whole nother level. Plus, helloooooo, the calendar itself is absolutely gorgeous. It's high quality prints on some high quality paper and easily worth the twenty bucks (+ shipping) that I paid for it. If I could I would stare at it all day long. I'm that in love.

Part of me hopes I can get a calendar like this every year. Let's make it happen, Prismatic Print Shop!
p.s. What's yo sign?! ♌︎ I'm a Leo. Is that surprising? 


  1. That is beautiful Chelsea, I'd really like something unusual like that on my bedroom wall.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Oh my gosh this calendar is a thing of absolute and utter beauty!! I'm a huge astrology buff (minus daily horoscopes… sorry!) though so it's no surprise that this is so appealing to me :)


  3. I'm a Leo, too. I think a love of calendars is in our nature.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  4. I love this! A really cool calendar concept!
    P.S. I'm a Leo as well :)


  5. That is a beautiful calendar! It's so minimalist and functional without sacrificing concept. I think I may have to peruse the shipping prices...

  6. omygod, it's so beautiful! I love the concept & design ahhhh

  7. i love the calendar! im a taurus...

  8. what a great calendar, a piece of art that is.

  9. Hey - just to let you know the 2015 calendar is going to be available next month!!

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