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A few months back I met with the lovely Rachel, one half of Yield Design Co, and chatted with her over lunch at a cute little cafe in Hayes Valley. I spotted a ring that she was wearing and (obviously) immediately asked where it was from; turns out, she designed it herself. Two of her friends had gotten married and she designed their wedding bands — how ridiculously awesome is that? 

The process is what interested me: each ring is designed, 3D printed, and then cast in gold. A mix of old and new technologies; something with a story. And alas, the modern heirloom was born. I've stuck around for the ride — hanging out around the office snapping photos and instagrams, learning about the process, and I've loved every minute. Andrew and Rachel are super fun to be around and so absurdly talented that it's hard not to be inspired by what they do (and want to be a part of it).

It's been so incredible watching the collection unfold and come to be what it is today. More than anything I'm so excited to see where this goes next. Each ring is beautifully crafted, is of the highest quality, and most of all made with tons of love and excitement. Do I sound cliché enough? I'm obviously quite biased but let's be real, how could I not be?

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For the record, this post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I just love 'em! 
Photos by me, except for the render which was allllll Rachel! 

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