After my run in with Jouer's perfume oil I immediately knew that I was, for sure, in love with these beautiful little roller balls. Conventional spray-ons are great and all but there's just something really sophisticated about perfume oils, ya know?

There's a little shop in the Mission called Voyager and every time we're in the neighborhood I stop by.  They just happen to carry the best clothes (+ The Gentlewoman) and now even some toiletries. Last time I was in there I spotted a row of perfumes and obviously had to investigate the gorgeous glass packaging. NOBLE was the first one I spotted as well as the one I left the store with — sometimes you just have that kind of luck.

The ingredients are simple: Organic Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils and Absolutes, Fragrance. I like simple. I also REALLY* adore florals lately which is totally weird but I'm just going with it. And NOBLE is essentially a bunch of my favorite scents packed into one gorgeous perfume. Jasmine, chai tea, amber, musk. I'm obsessed. It's such a sexy smell, but still light enough to wear every. single. day. It's the most wonderful fall/winter scent I've worn in a long time; such a perfect balance with little a hint of spice.

* like, really really


  1. This sounds amazing (and the dreamy photo doesn't hurt, either). xo

  2. Amazing photo Chelsea :)

    NOBLE sounds beautiful. It reminds me sort of this perfume I used to wear years ago, Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company. You should also check out the Le Labo boutique in Pac Heights if you are into oriental florals, I think you might like a lot of their scents.

  3. i was just sniffing these on tuesday at a shop in downtown chicago! :) Glad to hear you are loving it!

  4. i love the sound of those scents mixed together, and the fact that it's an oil too. i'm sure it smells amazing!

    little henry lee


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