nails inc. Baker Street

hands are actually pretty creepy. sorry. 

I've had this little bottle of joy stashed around the house for like, two months now. Week by week, manicure after manicure, I contemplate applying the color that is so commonly known as Beyonce blue. Blue isn't really my thing so I (without contemplation) opt for the usual, Essie's Yogaga. Not this week. Maybe it's all the spooky ghosts getting to my head...

Honestly though, this color is just as amazing as everyone says it is. I'm slightly mesmerized by my own fingers while typing out this post; it's such a gorgeous royal blue. I really just don't understand how I could love this color on my nails, but I do. It's the kind of thing I normally despise but there's just something about the hue, the almost purple but not quite. It manages to have some sort of chic air to it, despite how flashy you think it'd be. It's pretty perfect as far as blue polishes go and I think I might actually be in love. Application was great — looks even better with Seche Vite (of course) AND if this wears as well as all the other nails inc. polishes, I'll have this baby on for a good 5 days. We'll seeeeeeeee. 

The second I run out of this sample I'll be repurchasing. Baker Street, you surely do live up to your own hype. <3


  1. I have a Sephora brand polish in the same shade, I love it! Definitely think I'll go for the Nails Inc when the one I have runs out.

  2. Pretty colour...I don't normally bother with nail polishes as I think I have horrible looking fingers....may need to get over it and start wearing nail polishes....same reason for rings as well...

  3. This. looks. awesome. Despite the fact that I'm a bit fearful of blue nail polish myself, if you can do it (being so chic....), then I can.

    xo Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  4. I have this shade too but it seemed to chip pretty quickly on me.


  5. I love Sherlock Holmes and blue so I've been dieing to try this out for myself!!


  6. so pretty, it would be very different to the usual (boring) nail polishes i wear as i tend to steer away from bright blues. you have convinced me to buy it though! xxx

  7. Love this colour, and it is perfect for this time of the year! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. You look like you're about to choke someone, haha! Love it!

  9. I love Baker Street, it's my favourite Nails Inc shade.

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  10. It's just so beautiful!

  11. Love this shade :)


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