Blood Orange — Cupid Deluxe

I should probably preface this by saying: I am always listening to music and I am the pickiest person in the world.

I rarely write about just one album on here — actually other than playlists I rarely write about music at all. That said, I've been getting a few "what have you been listening to lately?" tweets and messages on tumblr so I figured that a post like this might be the start of something new.

Cupid Deluxe has been on repeat for about a straight week now. I tweeted about it. I got Richard hooked and he won't stop humming it.  Now, I'm blogging about it. I just cannot deny the absolute genius that is Blood Orange. I've loved Dev's work since the beginning but this new shit is just blowing my mind.

Queue the smoke and the smell of cigarettes.

It's almost funny how nostalgic this album feels. It's 80's but it's definitely not. The vocal range is incredible. Such a beautiful mix of highs ands lows that somehow seem to just come together — but I guess that's what you get when you're dealing with someone who writes, records, plays, produces, e v e r y t h i n g. I think what got me hooked is that clearly modern sound that seems to boarder on something a bit older, wiser, a bit classier. The added sax, the sensual, dreamy air of Chosen. It's essentially the soundtrack to some modern-day speakeasy; one that plays lost music from the 80's that never really made sense until now. It's all very empathetic.

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moodboard: quatre

“She quietly expected great things to happen to her, and no doubt that’s one of the reasons why they did.” 

Still loving mood-boarding. Always. I'm feeling pretty good this fall — kinda deep and very reflective. I'm diggin' it

I find myself dressing very 90's lately, whether I try to or not. I adore the over-the-knee plaid cutesy look and I'm not even sorry. I love chunky heels and brick red/brown/nude lips. I'm not here to confess my love to Cher Horowitz but let's be real. She is one of my all time favorite style icons like, ever.

Mansur Gavriel killin' it with their Bucket Bags. Richard likes to call it the "dominatrix bag", which kind of makes me want it just that little bit more. Buuuut, I'm holding out for the mini. This card case another major want right now. I mean it's essentially delectable; peachy colored leather with a minimal design? *swoon*

I'm obsessing over perfumes and candles. Oil burners. Everything. I was verrry intrigued by the Tarot Deck  solid perfume by Catbird — the scent sounds incredibly warm and sensual. I'm down. The Nova Chakra edp sounds right up the same alley and plus... that packaging is too perfect. Stila's Smudge Crayon in Umber is something I've been eyeing for a straight year (no joke). I'm thinking it's time to commit.

Pink Himalayan bath salts? Don't mind if I do. I've been enjoying a nice soak after the gym every morning. BEST. FEELING. EVER.  And I've finally come to realize I need the Tomboy in my life. I mean, the lusting is just starting to be a bit much...

ps. I am not sponsored by Catbird. I'm just obsessed with them.
/ quote by Zelda Fitzgerald
/ photos via Laurent CondominasBenoît DecronMarc Rivière


mixtape 02 · autumnal

Can I just say thank god this is getting posted because seriously?!?!?! this mix took me ages. I'm still kind of getting into the groove of what I'm into this ~season~ but this is basically it in a nutshell. An hour long nutshell. 

I'm into down to earth stuff lately; music with some kind of eerie earthy undertone (hello Misty Day). Not sure exactly what it is — maybe it's my pure and unadulterated love for the Coven. Maybe it's because all the clothes I've bought as of late are black, as if that's anything new. I feel slightly melancholic but still happy. It's weird.

Autumn reminds me of all of the music I've missed. The stuff I've forgotten with the tides of the summer. I'm loving revisiting my favorite soundtracks because god damn how good is New Order?! Maybe it was just that Mercury was in retrograde and so this all just seems right.

ps. always Phoenix
pps. new Duck Tails is fucking ace

Once again :

8tracks too.


Chanel Vitalumière Aqua

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 10 Beige · $45

Once upon a time I heard that YSL was bringing out a new serum foundation. You guys know I love their Le Teint Touché Éclat foundation so duh, I obviously needed this new one in my life. For the most part I've stayed true to my beloved YSL, we're talking a whole year (2 bottles!!!). That foundation was my holy grail... so I mean, it only makes sense.

I read reviews, watched youtube videos and for some reason wasn't at all impressed with what I was seeing. Maybe it's because I'm partial to a more dewy look? But something about the basically-satin finish still intrigued me anyway. I hopped over to the Goddess of Makeup's youtube channel and was reminded just how much she loves Chanel. Fast forward to a week later and I was at the Chanel counter getting all matched and beautified. I left with my own little bottle of heaven and haven't looked back.

This foundation is still light enough for me to love it but definitely covers most of my redness and blemishes. It sets to a ridiculously natural coverage and it's just freaking flawless. It's like a second skin, no joke, which I guess seems creepy but I love it all the same. I've worn this on my (normal) skin for about a good 10 hours before the red bits around my nose started to show. I top up with a little and it all sets in together and looks so so so good.

This is the kind of foundation that gets you excited to do your makeup. It's the kind of thing that adds just a little something to natural beauty so well. I dunno, I've never been one for full coverage. I just want something that'll even me out and not add too much. So, ahhh, I've been obsessed since the day I bought it and will probably continue to do so for the rest of forever. Chanel, I salute you.



"Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full." — Rumi 

Two weeks spent exploring the beautiful state of California. Sometimes it's good to be reminded of all of the incredible places to see outside of the city. Nature is just so extraordinary and sometimes I can't wrap my head around the beauty of absolutely everything. It's nice feeling a little more grounded.

These are just a few of my favorite shots. You can find some more here.
taken at: golden gate park / ocean beach / big sur / muir woods


nails inc. Baker Street

hands are actually pretty creepy. sorry. 

I've had this little bottle of joy stashed around the house for like, two months now. Week by week, manicure after manicure, I contemplate applying the color that is so commonly known as Beyonce blue. Blue isn't really my thing so I (without contemplation) opt for the usual, Essie's Yogaga. Not this week. Maybe it's all the spooky ghosts getting to my head...

Honestly though, this color is just as amazing as everyone says it is. I'm slightly mesmerized by my own fingers while typing out this post; it's such a gorgeous royal blue. I really just don't understand how I could love this color on my nails, but I do. It's the kind of thing I normally despise but there's just something about the hue, the almost purple but not quite. It manages to have some sort of chic air to it, despite how flashy you think it'd be. It's pretty perfect as far as blue polishes go and I think I might actually be in love. Application was great — looks even better with Seche Vite (of course) AND if this wears as well as all the other nails inc. polishes, I'll have this baby on for a good 5 days. We'll seeeeeeeee. 

The second I run out of this sample I'll be repurchasing. Baker Street, you surely do live up to your own hype. <3

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