I've been away for what seems like forever (again). I'm back though, I swear. We moved into our new place almost exactly a month ago and have been super busy furnishing this once empty space, into a super badass lil apartment. I thought I'd pop in some photos so to show what we've done in the past month. I'm in love and can not wait to see what it looks like once everything is in place and all the artwork is up. We're so so lucky because we have the most amazing windows and therefore amazing light. Perfect for shooting photos, yeah? Oh yeah. We've also got a balcony that looks out on to the water / the Bay Bridge. It's so surreal walking out there at dusk, seeing the city, the sunset, e v e r y thing. Half the time I feel like pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Still Always grateful.

I'm also currently working on an autumn playlist, similar to my summer one (yay)! <3

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