Humidity Defying Hair Care

After quite a few conversations on Twitter about how I tame my mane, I've decided it's probably time to share my frizz-free secrets. Because I've lived with a curly mop on my head for  a good 24 years now, I figured I'd share some secrets and some of my favorite products to beat the ridiculous humidity.

· Use a good shampoo + conditioner. Something that is great for smoothing and hydrating, something that won't dry your hair out (so sulfate-free is your best be). Sulfates are even more awful for naturally dry and damaged hair and will leave your locks with less to be desired. The Pureology Hydrate range and the L'Oreal EverCreme range are two of my current favorites.

· Prep your hair! Seriously, this is important. What you put in your hair right after you wash it will determine how it's going to act. Aveda is the new love of my life. I've always liked their products but after switching to an Aveda salon I've been introduced to some seriously amazing things. Their Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is 100% holy grail. It claims to protect against humidity for 12 hours (thanks to organic tapioca) but I've gotten easily 48 hours out of this stuff. It helps set your blow-out, especially when followed by a cool shot and it smells of that oh so lovely Aveda smell. It's also a heat protectant! Light Elements Smoothing Fluid helps tame any flyaways and adds a bit of shine. I sometimes mix this with my Smooth Infusion before drying my hair, but I also use it on dry hair, to protect from frizz even more.

· If/when you blow-dry, make sure your hair is completely dry. Any leftover damp areas (especially close to the root) can end up fluffing up a bit more than you'd like. Ending your blowout with a cool shot will help seal the cuticle, set the hair, and add a bit of shine.

· Style with products that will add a little texture or add a little more protection. Bumble and bumble Brilliantine is one of my all-time favorites. You can use it on wet hair to smooth your locks down or on dry hair to ruffle up a sexy bed head. For a little UV protection, conditioning, and dry action, Oribe's Soft Dry Conditioner spray* is what I've been reaching for. It's got argan oil and hydrolyzed silk to make your midshaft and ends chill out when the going gets a little tough. It's perfect on second and third day hair — freshening up and softening at all once.

· Treat it with care. It's a 10's Miracle Leave in Conditioner is my go-to at the moment. It's got heat protectant, helps control frizz, detangles, adds shine, conditions, the list goes on and on and on. I sometimes use this on wet hair but it's really awesome the night before I know I'm gonna wash my hair. I drench my ends, and in the morning when I wash it out my hair feels incredibly soft. I really do think this helps calm my curls a bit.

So basically this is what I've been doing for quite a while to keep that extra unwanted moisture + puffiness out of my hair. Most importantly I always prep, condition, and use the cool air when finishing off my hair. What seem like trivial little details are actually the biggest steps in my hair routine, especially in this 80% humidity.

Would you be interested in more haircare tips? What are some of your fail-proof frizz-proof steps?

*PR sample


1st Official Blog Birthday / Giveaway Winner

I've been waiting for today since I first blogged about my giveaway. I don't think I can explain how much I adore every person who reads this blog and takes the time to comment daily. And with that, the giveaway winners. Oh, wait, what? WinnerS? Yep! I decided to have a runner up and send them a little package as well. It won't be as special as the main giveaway, but it'll still be full of some products I love.

So without further ado, the winners:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be contacting you ladies for your info ASAP, so keep a look out! Thank you so much again to every single lovely person who entered and to all of you who keep coming back to my little space on the internet. The fact that this many people even read my blog is still crazy to me. Always thankful. Always.

Until next time... 


Where I've Been: July/August

Mini hiatus = over.

I'm a blogger. I love this little space of mine. I put everything I've got into it, I really do. BUT, I think it's healthy to get away. When I'm spending time with those I love I think it's good to leave the internet for a bit. Breathing space is nice — especially because it's so easy to get up in the blogging world. Now that I'm back I thought it'd be fun to explain where I've been...

· I turned 24 and spent the weekend with some of the most amazing people I know
· New addition to my ever-growing Catbird stack: Teensy Evil Eye ring c/o my love
· Got a sweet new haircut
· I flew to Jersey to spend some time with my family — here until Aug 21! Yay!
· Celebrated my Grandpa's 75th birthday... with about five courses of real New Jersey Italian goodness.
· Bought my sister her first few bits of real makeup (and gave her a makeover)

I'm happy to be blogging again after this little break and plus: tomorrow I'm announcing the winner of my giveaway. So exciting. 

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