Sunday Riley Charisma Créme Cleanser

Sunday Riley Charisma Créme Cleanser / $45

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be the kind of person that spends $45 on a bottle of cleanser. As someone with very normal skin, it's easy to neglect the fact that you should still spend a decent chunk of time taking care of it. Two or so months back I had the chance to check out the Space NK up in Larkspur and I left with a hefty amount of samples. One that has stayed in my mind the whole time was this Sunday Riley cleanser. I used it and loved it until those little packets of product were no more. And then I contemplated buying and can I just say that justifying a $45 cleanser is a bit hard when you've been using ~$6 Cetaphil cleanser for ages. I also tried the Ceramic Slip cleanser that SR does but couldn't stand the smell and the finish just wasn't at nice. Can't win 'em all! 

Then last week, a few days before my birthday we headed over to Sephora and there is was: Sunday Riley in all it's glory. I contemplated for a good five minutes until Richard told me to just get it (and so I did). No regrets.

It's just as amazing as I remember. A milky white consistency that removes makeup like a dream and leaves your skin feeling so so moisturized. It's packed full of ingredients like lavender and chamomile for soothing, and green tea + cranberry extract for their antioxidant properties. Because I've been a bit sick and getting some frustrating hormonal breakouts, this is just doing exactly what I need it to right now. Calming, adding more moisture where I need it, and overall just making me feel super luxurious (and beautiful) while I cleanse.

It's funny to say a skincare product (let alone a cleanser) is gorgeous but this really truly is. I can see myself using this until the end of time. It just knocks any other product I've ever cleansed with out of the park. Sorry Cetaphil, but you're just not cutting it anymore.

What do you guys think of Sunday Riley? Have you tried this cleanser?



This post is a long time coming. Aside from the fact that I recently shot some photos for this company, I've been in love with them for quite a while. I figured that I should probably do a little post on them since I've just recently received my third box from them (since then end of April). Obsessed much? Yep.

True&Co is an online personalized delicates shop, if you will. They stock bras, panties, nighties and sleepwear. They even have some hand ties, you know, if you're into that. Basically you take their fit quiz (to determine your size), check out your handpicked shop full of bras and whatnot in your size, put together a box of pretty little things, put down a (refundable) deposit of $45, get the box, try it all on on, and send back what you don't want. Pretty great, right?

When I was growing up I was in love with Victoria's Secret, but as I got older, and ahem, bigger I had a hard time finding cuter pieces to wear. VS caters more towards small chested ladies which is fine, but sucks for everyone else. I WANT UNLINED BRAS AND BRALETTES TO SHOW OFF UNDER TANKS TOO, YOU KNOW. The thing about True&Co is they stock sizes AA-K (and 28-52) which is seriously impressive. If you've had a hard time finding lacy bits, this is the place to go. I've always had trouble finding bras that fit well, too. However since signing up I've gone from fully lined to completely unlined and no lace bras to six. I think I have an addiction. I don't mind spending the money though, especially for such gorgeous undergarments. My favorites so far are the Calipso by Valery and the Coquette by Montelle. $108 for a bra might seem excessive but I've missed out for like, 24 years so it's alright. Plus, they're just so ridiculously pretty.

Their panties are great too. You don't get to try them on, per se, but they come in a little clear baggie that you can hold up to yourself to check sizing. I haven't had any issues with fit on this front, even without actually trying them on. Their sizes are pretty much right on par. A+++++. Also, lacy shorts (which you can try on).

If you love bras as much as I do and have trouble finding a good fit, you should seriously check out the site. Even if you just take the fit quiz to see what they have to offer, it's so worth it. Their collection of sizes, colors, and fit is just so extensive so there's absolutely something for everyone. They've recently started stocking sports bras too, ah. As if I needed another reason to spend more money.

What do you guys think of True&Co? Let me know if you take the fit quiz — interested in what everyone else thinks!


Body Lovin'

With the weather nearing 85º most days and a trip to NJ where it's been 90-105º as of late, a lot of my skin will be and has been showing. While I'm not a lotion-addict, I do have little spot in my heart for these few. Each do their part in making my body look and feel super nice, so I'm happy.

Aveeno isn't at all a brand that I frequent but when I spotted this lotion in Walgreens I figured why the hell not. It's not that I'm particularly fussed about firming anything but I wanted a nice lotion for my tummy area and this seemed to do the trick. I love the smell and texture of this stuff. Not too thick, not oily at all, and leaves you feeling moisturized and fresh. I mostly use this from my waist down to my thighs and it's just heavenly. Mmm.

Now you all know I love me some LUSH. I popped into the shop a few months back and picked up this big pot of Coco Lotion. I love that it's unscented and perfect for sensitive skins making it a winner for Richard (and me, obviously). This is my favorite thing to use all over my legs. You know when you get out of the shower, lotion up your limbs and can't get enough of that super smooth feeling? Yeah this lotion makes that 100x better. It sinks in with no problem and leaves the most amazing finish. Coconut Oil, I luv u.

Lovely Jubbiles is something I've been interested in for ages, so when LUSH offered to send me a pot I was ecstatic. I hope it's not weird that I've actually enjoyed rubbing a bit of this in after showers and before bed. There's something really lovely and feminine about the whole thing — maybe it's the scent?  Jasmine, rose, and orange blossom is a gorgeous little mix. As for it's firming power, well I haven't noticed anything tremendous but it seems to have helped just a teeny bit. Could be a total placebo though. Either way, my girls are left feeling incredibly soft. No complaints on that front.

Lastly, c. Booth. I haven't heard much about this brand but got I this little guy in last months Glossybox. After a shower I decided to try it out; I spritzed it all over my arms, rubbed it in, and fell in love. The scent is glorious and it leaves your skin feeling super smooth soft. Softness is key here for me, if you haven't noticed. It's not greasy whatsoever and sinks in really really well. This is going to be an instant purchase once I run out. What can I say? I'm a sucker for honey and almond. Also, that packaging.

So that's basically my little routine as of late. It is really nice to have a routine to stick to. Plus every day feels like a mini pamper session. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! Have you guys tried any of these?


True&Co · Wanderlust

A few weeks back a shot a lookbook for True&Co's newest launch: their Adventure Pack Panties. These are a few of my favorite shots. Now go get those cute little panties! 

If you want to see more, check my portfolio


A visit with Melissa Joy Manning

A month or so back I was invited to visit the studio of jewelry designer, Melissa Joy Manning. So I drove up to Berkeley and spent two glorious hours basking in the greatness that is her work.

Melissa makes sustainable hand-made pieces, and has done for 15 years now. Ethically sourced gems and stones, up-cycled and recycled metals and materials, what's not to love? You know when you meet someone who radiates passion for what they do and then it makes you want to go out and conquer the world? That's what meeting Melissa was like. Her store/studio was incredible; you walk into this stunning little shop full of antique wood boxes that are filled with gorgeous engagement rings. As you make your way to the back there's a door with glass windows and a peek inside showed her staff crafting some custom pieces.

I got to see an engagement ring being made, some earrings, and random other bits. She explained to me how she just couldn't have a conventional job, about how she needed to be creative, which is something that seriously resonated with me. If you're into jewelry or other little gifts and you're in the Bay Area, GO TO HER STUDIO. You will leave enlightened and inspired, I promise. Aaaand if you don't live in the Bay Area you can peruse the site for hours on end here.

There's something about being surrounded by people that are really passionate about what they do that makes you want to accomplish even more than you (currently) are. Especially those that are in a creative space, in my opinion. The fact that something like jewelry making, a handicraft if you will, is still around is amazing. I love the idea that things like this haven't been fully lost in the tech-age that we're currently in.

It's all very romantic to me.

p.s. sorry this is so photo heavy, I just love so many photos I took this day. If you'd like to see more I posted a ton of them here.


Photo Inspiration: Wildfox PJs + Daisy's Girls

Every time a new wildfox collection (or two) is announced I feel obligated to at least post something about it/them. Back when I first started my blog, Wildfox was one of the few brands I kept and eye on and wrote about or featured. I can't help myself. I'll forever be enamored.

The newest additions? A line of gorgeous and comfy-looking pjs coming in October, designed by Leilani Shimoda + the ever-lovely Kimberley Gordon. File under things I probably don't need but still want anyway.

And while I'm still kicking myself for not getting anything from the Marie Antoinette line in 2011, Daisy's Girls might just be what I need to redeem myself. The Great Gatsby is back in the form of dreamy clothing. Whether or not you like the book, this collection is undoubtedly adorable. Must. Hold. Back.

photos via ilovewildfox


Popbasic: Salut!

If there ever were a micro-collection that totally epitomizes me as a person, this would be (and is) it. Is that a surprise? For those who know me, probably not. French, France, you know the drill.

First, this beautiful little breton shirt. The quality is ridiculous, in a really good way. You know when you find a shirt that's just so soft and comfortable that you basically just want to live in it, and probably do? That's me with this shirt. For the record, I've basically worn this shirt every day since receiving it — not even exaggerating, Richard would totally vouch for this. I've never owned a striped shirt a la Françoise Hardy or Jean Seberg mostly because I couldn't find on that seemed authentic enough. Soft enough. Whatever, enough. This little number is perfect. It hits every nail on the head and totally knocks the ball out of the park. If you could stick your hand through the screen to feel, I'd let you. Promise.

I'm not really a fan of gold buuuuut there's something about this gold link necklace that just works so well with the tee. It feels solid, which I really like. It's a piece that will last and a piece that will add a little bit of something to any edging-on-plain-but-still-chic outfit. Also, I'm a sucker for anything linked or chain-like.

THE CLUTCH. You know how when you see others with something you kind of want it too? That's how I've always felt about clutches. Everyone has a cute one that suits them... but I seem to never be able to find one. But oh, Miss M. must have put some serious thought into this one. The leather is gorgeous; it smells sooooo good. Weird? Okay. The color is what got me though — it's the perfect shade of almost-camel brown which reminds me oh so much of my Taylor Bag. A little darker, but still in the same brown family which totally makes me swoon. I love leather in summer too.

Popbasic is fresh out of size L, but still has XS/S/M in stock. Just a tip: I normally wear a size medium, but this time the small was what worked (aka order a size down if you think it'd work for you, unless you like your shirts a bit baggy). The small is a bit tighter while still leaving room to breathe and be comfy.

What do you guys think? Will you be ordering this micro-collection? NOW TAKE ME BACK TO PARIS. Listen.

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