Origins (for Men) Save the Males Moisturizer

Backstory: We were in England, staying in a hotel for Richard's grandparents Diamond Anniversary party. We leave the hotel a day later. Richard realizes he's left basically all of his skincare at the hotel. Massive freakout ensues (not really, but maybe). Amongst the lost ones was a pretty nice Kiehl's moisturizer we were both using... aka bummer city. So the night of Christmas Eve, I picked him up a bottle of this as a last resort as Kiehl's had closed ridiculously early in hopes it would be a good replacement.

He wasn't so sure about it at first, so I began to try and use it because well, why not. He warmed up to it fairly quickly after that, and so did I. Though I was mostly using Enzymion at the time because the English weather had turned my face into an oil-slick, when we came back home and my skin returned to a normal state, this became my #1 daily moisturizer. It lasted us quite a few months which is surprising but the moment we ran out and I was forced to use something else, my skin wasn't very happy. Now? We're all good.

My biggest issue with most moisturizers is that they sit on top of my skin. This absolutely does not do that. It's lightweight and sinks in nicely leaving me with the perfect amount of hydration. Not too much and not too little. It doesn't make me greasy at all (it's oil-free!), and seems to keep my skin in almost pristine condition. I have absolutely no qualms. It's also really great with Richard's super sensitive skin too, soooo I highly recommend it.

I don't even care in the slightest that this is marketed and made for men. It does the job I want it to do and I absolutely love it. No product discrimination here!

Ladies: have you ever tried a "men's product" that you ended up loving?


  1. I'm all about men's shaving cream!

  2. Haha I like the name of this product! I'm guilty of using my husband's shower gel from time to time... in the UK there's this "black mint" one by Original Source that is so refreshing!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  3. I am normally using Lush's Enzymion myself too, but I just wanted to try something else and I wondered about Lush's moisturizer for man: cosmetic lad. Well I loved it! Even though the salesperson in Lush said that it contains a tad bit more oil than Enzymion, it melts into my skin better than Enzymion. Also I asked the salesperson why is this labeled as "for men", cause I do remember once the coal cleanser was labeled as for men but then they changed it. She replied "Men don't want to buy stuff from women's counters they want to see a label as "for men" that is why it is like this." I believe the same can be hold true for this moisturizer too :)

    1. Yeah, Richard used to have Cosmetic Lad but I found it just sat on top of my skin and didn't really sink in :( It is funny how they do things just for marketing purposes! x

  4. I've never tried a men's product, but my boyfriend always likes to use mine! :p I love how it's called Save the Males ... like Save the Whales, haha.

  5. I use a men's razor for shaving and I'll never go back to using a ladies razor ever again. It's made a biiig difference!

  6. love that this is intended for men but you ended up loving it haha. i actually like mens razors sometimes! lol

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  7. This is great for my boo! He's always looking for a great moisturizer.

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  8. love the name of this (: You take beautiful pictures.


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