a little update ~

It feels so weird to not blog for almost two weeks now. My camera should hopefully arrive today or tomorrow (assuming this eBay seller hasn't totally screwed me over) so I should be back in no time. I'm missing it a lot, way more than I thought I would to be honest. It's a good feeling though. Just totally realizing that it's something you're really passionate about and really love doing. I pretty much feel like a piece of me is missing without my camera. Silly?

SO much going on in the next two weeks  — lots of fun posts to shoot and write, but also some not so fun things like knee surgery tomorrow /flail. Life is totally crazy sometimes. I literally just can not wait to be back into a regular posting schedule.

What has everyone been up to?!


  1. looking forward to you being back blogging, need my dauphine fix! sorry to hear about the knee... hope it goes well! :) xx

  2. I've been missing your posts! Good luck with the knee surgery. Can't wait for you to come back!

  3. I wanted to test the lip glow by dior for sooo long!
    Hopefully your knee gets healthy in the next month!

  4. Knee surgery? Yikes! Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow and I wish you a speedy recovery :D

    I've been pretty busy writing freelance at the moment, and I just got back from Florida (way too hot there btw) for a friend's wedding. Busy, busy ... but I shouldn't be complaining. It's better than being bored.

    Hope you get your new camera soon!

  5. Best wishes to you on your knee surgery!! And glad the blog absence has strengthened your knowledge of your love for blogging (doubt that sentence makes sense but I hope you get the gist of it haha)! Can't wait for the posts you have planned :)


  6. Can't wait to hear more from you! Good luck on knee surgery tomorrow! Hope all goes well with a speedy recovery.

    xoxo, Des
    Simple Charm Beauty

  7. I hope everything goes well with you knee surgery! I hope you recover well ! :)

    And I'm really looking forward to your upcoming posts! They will be a welcome distraction - my finals start tomorrow *sad face*

    And have fun trying out your new camera!

  8. yikes! Good luck on your knee surgery! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  9. I hope your knee is okay and you get well soon. It will be great to have you back!

    xx Lillian parisiantobe.com

  10. oh gosh i hope you're okay chelsea, best of luck with the knee surgery! i look forward to your blogging return :) xx

  11. I hope your surgery goes well and looking forward to your fun posts!! xxxx

    Grace of Beauty

  12. Knee surgery?! I feel like it's a little silly to say "good luck" because you're not doing anything for your knee, but I hope it goes really well and you come out better :)

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