LUSH Vanilla Dee-Lite

Vanilla Dee-Lite / $27.95

We've all got our favorite lotion or two. In the summertime I'm drawn towards happy smells; coconut and vanilla mostly. Anything reminding me of a tropical getaway where I'm sippin' a cocktail with my toes in the sand. But alas, here I am sitting at my dining table, blogging. At least I smell good.

Vanilla Dee-Lite is my favorite LUSH lotion (after Smitten which is now a Retro product). It's a light yet hydrating lotion — I can't stand heavy products in the warmer months. While I still love it in the autumn and winter, it really stands out to me in summer. I'm blaming it all on the smell (and my ability to become so utterly obsessed with something because of the smell). But really now, cocoa butter, coconut oil, fresh kiwi? Those are all things I'd like to slather on my skin after a shower and before the shorts, tanks, and sandals go on. I'm going to reiterate on how light it is: SERIOUSLY it is so lightweight. I really love how smooth and lovely it makes your skin after applying. Mmm. Soft summery skin, come to me. I'm not sure I could find a lotion I love more than this for S/S but if you're up for it, I'd love some recommendations! ;)

What do you guys think of LUSH's lotions? Do you have a favorite?


  1. This sounds really nice. I usually use straight organic coconut oil but as it's quite greasy looking I only use it at night.

  2. I can almost smell how good this will be reading about it - yum!

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  3. This is by far my favourite body cream! Always get compliments from my girlfriends whenever I use it! ^^


  4. Oh this sounds fun! :) I've never tried their lotions before! Which seems kind of weird, lol!

  5. I love Dream Cream... it smells so lovely and relaxing! It's perfect for a morning where I'm already frazzled or at night after a warm bubble bath. It is very moisturizing but not greasy and it sinks into my skin super quickly. I thought I'd go through it really quickly (always a downside with Lush's more expensive products) but I use it several times a week over my whole body and it's lasted me several months already and I'm not even half way done with it!

  6. with all the lush products I own, I surprisingly don't have any of their lotions. I agree that lightweight lotion is perfect for the summer, heavy stuff just sits on your skin, so I might try this out! I know my roommate uses Ro's Argan though, which smells amazing

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