Favorite LUSH Toners: Tea Tree Water & Eau Roma Water

LUSH Tea Tree Water / $9.95
LUSH Eau Roma Water / $9.95

If there were ever any doubts in your mind about my love affair with LUSH, rid yourself of them! I'm in love and I'm (very obviously) not afraid to show it. With that being said, my duo of toners have been neglected for far too long. I blame the fact that my skin is usually quite calm and sometimes I just forget what a quick spritz of a toner can do.

As I said in my April beauty favorites, my skin has been kind of crazy lately. I needed something to balance it all out and give it a push in the right direction (aka no more spots) and that's when I turned to Tea Tree Water. This toner in particular is chock-full of ingredients with antibacterial properties; tea tree, juniper berry, and grapefruit, just to name a few. I spray this stuff on and either leave it (usually what I do in the morning) or wipe it away with a cotton pad (night/throughout the day if needed). I've found that since using this my blemish issues have completely settled down. No more spots have popped up and the ones I do have, are healing well. I'm not saying that this is a one-stop shop, but it has helped me tremendously to keep the nasties away. Plus, it's alcohol-free and not harsh on the skin at all.

Eau Roma Water, or, omfg I love you and I want to take you everywhere with me please just live in my purse. Seriously though. I am a lavender freak, especially as of late, so this product most definitely has its place in my life. While Tea Tree Water is great for specific use, Eau Roma is the goddess of all daily toners. On a hot summer spring day such as today, what isn't lovelier than spraying a mix of rose water and lavender water all over your much-too-warm mug? Not only is it refreshing, but it helps keep oils at bay while still being extremely lightweight. It's supposed to help with redness but I haven't really noticed much of that (I also haven't been looking). It does however, seem to add just enough moisture to make me look a bit more radiant and fresh than before I used it. I normally just spray this stuff on throughout the day — anytime, really. It's especially nice on warmer days or after yoga — giving the skin just a little boost of happiness.

tldr; I love both of these. Tea Tree is great for angry skin and Eau Roma is the perfect all-day every day toner.  Someone ring the holy grail gong 'cuz we've got two new additions.

Have you tried these? What do you think?


  1. I only use Lush toner and moisturizer for my face. :)

  2. Oh noooo ..now I have to go back to LUSH and purchase some new stuff :D


  3. I love the Jurlique rose spray- it smells amazing and feels great on the skin. However I'm really keen to try the tea tree toner, that sounds amazing for my skin! xx

  4. I swear by the lush toners, they're wonderful!

  5. i was just thinking about taking out tea tree water to use... now i really ought to take it out and use it!

  6. I'm dying to try the Eau Roma - I'm using the Breath of Fresh Air at the moment and think I'll have to buy that when I'm done!

    Katie x
    And Katie / Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. Just discovered your blog and it's beautiful! I keep meaning to try these toners - I'm currently using the Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water and that's lovely too!



  8. I always hear such great things about LUSH toners but I'm just so in love with mine from Neutrogena that I don't know if I'll ever give these a go!!


  9. Never tried these but now you really REALLY make me want to. :)

  10. I love eau roma water toner!
    I use it with my celestial moisturiser, never used anything better on my skin!

  11. Was just looking around for a new toner to use, now I really ought to buy this one!x

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