Zara Platform Ankle-Strap Sandals

Is it summer yet? No? With the weather we're having right now it surely feels like it— the thermometer says 60º but it feels so much warmer. Although we do have only a week until Spring, I'm starting to get a bit antsy. With warmer weather comes plenty of open-toed footwear and although I do love me some shoes, I find it hard to find pairs I love and can afford, hah. 

My tastes are changing a lot as of late; think Cher Horowitz meets Françoise Hardy and a bit of Ena Matsumoto. I'm kind of all over the place in a good way and experimenting with things I may not normally go for. With that said, these shoes are the epitome of my being, seriously. They've got all of the elements I look for in a summer shoe: chunky, airy, light, strappy. They'll go with basically anything too; from shorts to flowing sheer skirts, I'm going to get a lot of use out of these puppies. Have I mentioned that they're also extremely easy to walk in? It's why I love platforms — you get the height you want but with a lot less pain and torture than with a pair of stilettos. Win win! I definitely recommend them if you're looking for a cute summer shoe. If you're more into wedges, these are a super cute alternative. Also, I should point out that I'm normally a size 7 but a 6.5 proved to be perfect! 

It might be taking me a while but I'm slowly curating my dream wardrobe — learning that it's more about quality than quantity for sure. What do you guys think of these? What are some must-have staples in your closets? 


  1. Those shoes are absolutely stunning :D
    With shoes I use to by lots of any types of shoes, now, when I buy highheels I like to spend a little bit of money on them :D <3

  2. As soon as I saw these, I thought of Cher Horowitz so it's funny that you mentioned her in this post :) It made me laugh.

    These look girly and grown-up all at the same time and you could basically wear them with EVERYTHING! Good purchase Chelsea ;)

  3. Said it once and I'll say it again, these shoes are GLORIOUS!


  4. These are amazing!! I want to get them for myself haha :)


  5. I love these! They remind me of a chic version of doc marten sandals!

  6. These look pretty! Not completely my style though :) xo

  7. Beautiful! Gorgeous photos as well.



  8. As usual Zara are on point! These are absolutely stunning. xxxx


  9. These are my perfect shoe! I NEED them! X


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