Tony Moly Mini Peach Lip Balm

I have a weak-spot for weird cute things. I can't help myself. I spotted this adorable little fruit shaped balm somewhere in the depths of the internet — Tumblr, maybe. For some reason I convinced myself I needed yet another lip balm so I searched high and low until I found it.

I didn't have high hopes for this little peach (mostly because I didn't know what to expect), but yet again, I was proved wrong. Aside from the fact that the packaging is too cute to handle, let me just explain to you what happened when I opened it. I twisted the little top off, took out the inside packaging, and within seconds all I could smell was peaches. Now I'm not talking about some fake synthetic peach smell; it legitimately smells like a real peach. Korean sorcery, I tell you. The balm itself is sooo nice. No taste, just peachy happy smells. Did I think it would be moisturizing? Definitely not. Is it? Definitely is.

So yet again, here I am completely in love with a silly product I didn't have high hopes for. If you're a peach lover — get it. It's $7 with free shipping and it's hilariously weird and awesome... and Richard said it looked like a nipple, so there's that.

With that said, I think I'm ready to delve a bit deeper into the world of Asian cosmetics. What do you guys think?


  1. omg can't handle the cuteness :3

  2. yeah i am struggling hard to stop myself from jumping wholeheartedly on that asian skincare bandwagon, the packaging gets me every time

  3. It looks so cute.

  4. It does look super cute! And somehow all I can think about now is how nice it would be to have moisturized lips that smell like real peaches :) x

  5. I do so enjoy the quirky things Asian beauty/fashion have to offer. Out of curiosity have you ever browsed YesStyle.com? It's Asian fashion online (quite a lot of things, almost overwhelming), they have a store in the Bay Area so I was curious. I have never been, but if I ever plan a trip to SanFran I'd like to check it out. http://www.yesstyle.com/en/yesstyle-store/index.html

  6. It totally looks like a boob LOL

  7. this is from tonymoly right? there are some really nice asian products out there.

  8. this lipbalm looks like a nipple haha

  9. It's so, so cute! It sounds fantastic!

  10. It's so cute! I've seen this around tumblr as well. Next time I'm online shopping I think I might get this.. ahhh too adorable!

  11. I saw this and immediately thought it was a Japanese product. It's so insanely cute!

  12. Korean (and Japanese) cosmetics aren't all winners when it comes to quality but they almost ALWAYS have the cute factor down to a science. I've eyed up a similar hand lotion that comes in the same peach container but was a bit scared that too many people would think it was a boob haha.


  13. Tony Moly makes so many cute things! I wish it was easier to find out which products are worth searching for in the Asian beauty world.

  14. Looks adorable!



  15. Keep us updated on asian cosmetics! I think this looks lovely

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  16. i have a huge weakness for lip products and especially now that you've recommend this one so highly and because it's afforable i think i'll have to buy one! i have about a million lip products already but none of them are in a container shaped like a nipple so how can i not? haha

    little henry lee

  17. This is the most adorable little lip balm!

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