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Some days I'm feeling much less than inspired. When that happens, I do this. Now I've decided to make this a thing and to share them on my blog when I make them. ((Shoutout to mah gurl Amy)) I hope you all enjoy. 

This past month I basically haven't bought any makeup (gasp). I've just been using/reviewing what I already own which is probably a good thing. That said, Dior's Dior Addict Lip Glow intrigues me and so I want it. Badly. The packaging is pretty cute as well. I don't/have never owned a Diptyque candle but after smelling a bunch in stores, I want them all. Baggu pouch, enough said.

I recently bought this Zara bag and though it's bigger than expected, I still really love it. The whole lunch-bag-purse-trend is weirdly appealing to me. I've been eyeing this as well but $$$. Maybe I'll take the plunge, not sure just yet! I also bought this skirt via e-bay and oh man do I love it. It's sheer, flowy, and just exactly what I wanted. This bra(lette) is on my wishlist too — come to me.

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  1. I love that skirt it's so pretty!

  2. wow that bra is beautiful, I want one too.
    and I just looooooove, adooooore dior products, absolute luxury! xx


  3. Lovely moodboard :)



  4. ohh my love your blog!

    iv only had my blog 2 weeks id love if you could check it out and mabey give me some pointers??

    iv follwoed you on bloglivin xxxx



  5. I love that handbag! Such a cool idea...!

    smalltownmakeup.blogspot.com ;)

  6. oh my love. how am i just seeing this. i just wanna smoosh my face against your face!

  7. so many lovely things, i think everyone wants a diptyque candle or 10 but i don't think i could even spend that much money on one! also i love skirts like that, i have a couple and always get compliments on them when i wear them. :)

    little henry lee

  8. i always wanted one of those baggu pouches, but i don't actually need one. lol. you should get a diptyque candle!!! I finally started burning rose duet and it is beautiful!! so now i want more candles, lol. i bet that bag and skirt look awesome on you!

  9. This is such a neat idea for an inspiration/wishlist post! I have the Dior Lip Glow and I love it! It's very moisturising and so quick and easy to apply when you want a little bit of colour. It's not much, it just enhances your natural lip colour, so it's very subtle and lovely. I own Diptyque's Mimosa and Rose candles and I use them so sparingly because damn, they cost a fortune! They are so worth it though because Diptyque's scents are just divine and I can't wait to recycle the jars and use them for makeup storage or something! That lace bra is so pretty! I have a similar one that I bought from American Apparel.


  10. Hiya! I'm sorry this is irrelevant to your post however it is in the rules of this award and I love your blog and I felt you should know that I am a regular reader. I have nominated you for is the Versatile Blog Award. I hope you enjoy reading my post about it here.

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