March Beauty Favorites

It's weird to think I'm doing March favorites right now. This month has gone by so slow for me, but yet it seems like just yesterday I was doing February favorites. Weird. This month's favorites were SO easy to pick. I knew exactly what I wanted to feature — I think that's how you know you've been really loving something.

First up are two products I fell out of love with but have fallen back in love with as of late! Aveda Damage Reverse Daily Hair Repair something I bought almost exactly a year ago(!!!). It's a leave-in that helps detangle, protect from heat, as well as helping to repair damage. When I use this my hair ends up being super soft and manageable — no dry ends. My hair dries much nicer when I blow-dry too! Caudalie's Divine Oil was something that seemed to be huuuuge last year. Over the winter I felt kind of meh about it, but as the weather warms and I'm baring my legs 10000x more, I'm obsessed again! Also, that smell!

Another thing I've gone back to is my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I haven't been sleeping well and this helps make me look much less tired. It's also the perfect base under my next favorite, Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I know I just reviewed this stuff but I really can't get over how natural of a finish it is. The lasting power is pretty great — though I'm interested to see how it holds up in this 75ยบ+ weather.

And finally? Naked Lunch has made it back into my daily makeup routine. It's such a pretty color either alone or paired with something like Star Violet. On a completely different note I am obsessed with contouring. I just can't help myself. NYX Taupe is my current favorite thing to use paired with my MAC 109. The 109 fits perfectly below my cheekbones, giving me just the right amount of definition. I also use this to apply most blushes as it's amazing at picking up and applying product.

Another month, another batch of favorites. Would anyone be interested in a non-beauty favorites post?


  1. I have been looking for NYX taupe everywhere!
    I want to start contouring and everyone raves about this being the perfect shade.

  2. i need to try the caudalie oil. yes non beauty favs are fun :)

  3. I've seen the Caudalie Divine Oil crop up a couple of times on various blogs :) I have just purchased my first product from Caudalie, the most blogged about beauty elixir; I have ordered the small bottle to try :)

    Lovely post and I have wanted to try NYX for a while now.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  4. Lovely roundup of favorites... lots here that I've been wanting to try!!


  5. I'd definitely be interested in non-beauty favourites! I only just stumbled on this blog a few days ago, and I've went through and read every single post, I'm in love!


  6. Contouring is something I want to try but am totally intimidated by. I really want that NYX Taupe blush but it's difficult to get here in France. I looove the Caudalie Divine Oil! The Caudalie brand in general is incredible- if you haven't tried their serums, you must!

  7. All your pictures are always so gorgeous!! Major camera envy.

    I love your blog, and I nominated you for a blogging award - hope you can check it out :)


  8. Yes, I'd be interested to see what some of your non-beauty faves are :)

    I wish NYX was more easily accessible where I live. Sigh.

  9. great roundup of favorites :) I'm liking the mattet moisture tint too!

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