MAC Lovelorn

MAC Lovelorn / $15 

Let me preface this post by saying: I never in my wildest dreams would have ever imagined myself owning a shade of pink such as this. 

Don't get me wrong, I love pink, but bubblegum pink? Uhhhh, let's just say I was skeptical. A month or so back, I made my way to several MAC counters in search of Patisserie. None of the MAC employees I spoke to had ever heard of it (which I kind of laughed about), but I was feeling a little down that day and didn't want to leave empty handed. Stubborn girl, I am! Anyway, I was at a counter in Macy's and the lovely girl that was working talked me into Lovelorn. At first I was like "no no no this is all wrong" and that turned into "hmmm I'm not so sure", but after 10 minutes of her convincing me it looked good with my skin-tone, I gave in. 

Lovelorn is an "emotive blue pink" (wtf kind of description is that, MAC?) aka something that I'm normally afraid of. Blue toned anything can wash me out, but because of the brightness of this, it just works. It's also a lustre finish which means it's not drying on my already dry lips! I love wearing this on days where I'm wearing minimal makeup and casual outfits as a statement, if you will. It's not overbearing or overwhelming and the contrast against my brown hair is actually kind of lovely. I do 100% think this would look better when I'm tanned, but northern California is a biatch and refuses to give us warm weather at this specific point in time. Hmpfh. 

What do you guys think of Lovelorn? Are there any great shades out there that I should know about/try? 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. I got it when I had some stuff to back2MAC but didn't know what I wanted, and one of the girls in the store suggested that she thought it would suit me!

    It looks great on you! I was kinda scared of it at first too, but I think it suits multiple skin tones!


  2. MAC Syrup is a really lovely lipstick - I ordered it online a couple weeks ago (with Patisserie and Show Orchid), and it's the one I've been wearing the most. Off hand, I'm pretty sure it's a Lustre finish too.

    1. Ooh, yeah I looked at Syrup! I think it's a bit too blue for me though. I'll definitely check it out again though. x

    2. There's definitely blue in it because it shoes up as a light purple on the lips. I would swatch it before buying it if you're hesitant about wearing blue-ish shades ;)

  3. Love this colour! I'm a huge fan of all things bubblegum!

  4. I think this looks lovely on you :)
    If you're looking for another great M.A.C. lipstick then definitely get your hands on Plumful; it won't disappoint I promise!!


    1. I've got it already! It's one of my favorites! x

  5. Its a stunning shade. Looks beautiful on you xx


  6. It's a gorgeous color, suits you well!



  7. I bought this colour a while ago, but it just doesn't suit me as much as you, it looks so beautiful on you! x

  8. Great choice of color. oh how I adore MAC lipsticks! Great post. :)



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