LUSH Jasmin And Henna Fluff-Eaze

Can you tell I've been loving LUSH lately? It seems as though I've fallen back into my old ways of using LUSH products constantly. To be fair, it seems they have something for (almost) anything, so how could I not? 

Jasmin And Henna Fluff-Ease is a hair-mask hair-moisturizer all around badass product. This is my third(!!!!) pot of it and you can bet your bottom I'll be repurchasing when I run out once again. I use this probably twice or three times a month depending how I'm feeling — leaving it on for way longer than the suggested 20 minutes. I've slept with it in, blogged with it in, you catch my drift. It softens and calms my frizz, leaving me with super smooth jasmine smelling hair. When I say it leaves my hair smelling like jasmine, it's no joke. Even after a few washes I can still smell it, so if you're not a fan, be wary! 

This little pot is packed with things like jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, coconut butter — lots of things to help tame and moisturize. Also, it gives you a pretty good amount of shine; not a huge amount but still noticeable. I use this most when I'm feeling like a need a little boost, a little refresh, a little help. It's especially good if you use a lot of heat and feel like you're getting a bit drier than normal. It'll just sink in and settle and the moment you wash this stuff out you can feel a difference — crazy lions mane to sleek and supple in 20+ minutes. I can see myself repurchasing and repurchasing until they decide to discontinue... which will hopefully be never! 

What do you guys think of Jasmin And Henna Fluff-Eaze? What are some of your favorite hair masks/treatments? 

Pro-tip: I do not use a whole pot on my head. I mostly focus on the mid-shaft/ends and can get a pretty good coating with 1/4 of the pot. 
P.S. This does have red henna, so if you're blonde/bleached: be wary. I never noticed a difference when I had highlights, but still.


  1. LUSH products are amazingggg! I get their giant newspaper monthly! My favorite is their body butter's and facial mask's they make my skin sooooo smooth and soft.

    GREAT post!

    xo KCN


  2. This is a mask I really want to try, I generally love everything I have bought in the past from Lush. You should try their solid shampoo, it works wonders and you get so much use out of such a small bar!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  3. Sounds like a nice mask but I'm not so sure my hair needs it (not much frizz to speak of); I love Ojon's Intensive Damage Repair masks... they're pretty much perfect! :)


  4. LUSH is just hands down the best. I sort of went off it when I started working there but now I'm slowly and surely diving back in! I've never thought to use this hair mask, never thought I need one. But I think you've sold me on it! My hair has been a dry mess and hopefully this will help out. Great review!

  5. Oh good God, i freaking love the smell of Jasmine! Ugh. I use the Korres Jasmine Body Butter every night <3

    I might have to check this out ;)

  6. I have purchased a few hair care products from lush and none of them left me disappointed. My favorite at the moment is h'suan wen hua. It makes my hair SO soft and shiny. I might try this one next

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