Glossybox x Man Repeller / January 2013

I don't think I could stress how long I've been waiting for this box to arrive — since the moment the collab was announced I was all over it. I mean, as an avid reader of Leandra's, who wouldn't be? Also, this is the first special/collab/whatever box since I've been a subscriber so yay! Although my Sebastian Potion 9 leaked e v e r y w h e r e, I'm just going to try not to think about it and get on with this post. 

First up is the Tarte Achioté cheek tint — this stuff seems really awesome. It's supposed to give you a subtle but flushed look while also being long-lasting and buildable. As a blush lover and a Tarte lover, I'm all for this and can't wait to give it a go. Woo! (ps I can't find this online anywhere!)

Next is the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum. Well, hm. I usually try to avoid matte anything like the plague but I'm still down for trying this to see how I get on with it. Plus, Fresh is an awesome brand. That said, I would have much rather gotten the Living Proof style extender/Vincent Longo lip stain that everyone is raving about.

The OPI polish in this box took me by surprise. It's *ahem* matte with a hint of shimmer and described as "like wearing liquid sand". I'm seriously intrigued by this so expect a mini-review once I've tried. I'm also, uh, slightly scared.

Estée Lauder?! So into it. I've got a little bottle of the Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara which I can not wait to try out. The brush is HUGE for a sample and well, anything that can give me help in the lash department, I'm interested in.

Then we've got a little sample of Le Métier de Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution which is supposed to hydrate and detoxify the skin, leaving your face supple and radiant. Full size... $225/1.1oz, oy! But oh, look! A little bitty Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT sample — I feel like sooo many people have raved about this before so I can't wait to give it a sniff!

Last but definitely not least is the Sebastian Professional Potion 9 styling cream(!!!!). While it did leak freakin' everywhere, I'm hoping there's still enough to get a few uses out of because I am super psyched about this. It's supposed to help "restore lost moisture" as well as giving a flexible hold. As a hair-product junkie, I'm just beaming with excitement to try this out. Yay!!!

What do you guys think of the Glossybox x MR box? What did you get in yours?


  1. I am really desperate to subscribe to Glossybox!! <3
    Great post !! Ooohh.. the mascara sounds great!!
    Lots of love from

  2. NR For Her is SUCH a nice perfume (I wish I wasn't allergic to perfume, though, so that I could wear it every day of my life)! That, and the OPI polish are my two favourite items in the box - and the Tarte cheek tint is a close third :)

  3. Your products and packaging was so much better than mine! xx


  4. So jealous! really wish they did it in the UK. Can understand why you were 'patiently waiting' for it to arrive! The tarte blush looks gooooooooood. Once again a brilliant post. x


    1. The blush is super interesting. It comes off clear with the teeeeeniest hint of color — so good for summer I'm thinking. Thanks babes! xx

  5. Oh my gosh you got SUCH amazing products!! I hope you enjoy them thoroughly, especially the tarte blush :)


  6. Wow amazing products:)


  7. By the way, the blush is a pre-release product due out in March 2013 =)

    Im jealous of the US Glossybox, in Canada ours has had nothing but drug store products, and last month even had two products that expired in 2005 and 2009.

  8. I got all the same things you did! Great post! You can't find the blush because it won't be in stores until March!
    - Andrea Marie xx

  9. Ugh, I wish I'd gotten it! All the items you got look lovely :)

  10. I'm still waiting for mine. And I was so thrilled I ended up ordering 2! I really hope to get the Tarte lipstick. xx

  11. i want that tarte cheek product! do a look post of that on soon please! :) of course, i got the version with the vincent longo lip stuff and living proof prime, which you know i love! I'm not sure if i would have rather gotten tarte!

  12. I have been subscribed to GlossyBox since October 2012, and I recieved a 'Detox' themed box in January 2013, so how come you got this one? It looks much better than mine was!? (I live in Enland if that makes a difference?) Thanks! :)


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