Accessory: Ray-Ban Erika

There was once a time when I owned a pair of black Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I had wanted them forever, saved up a bit, and waited until my birthday to buy them. They were everything I had wanted them to be and more. Whether or not 1 in like, 6 people were wearing them as I wandered through the Mission, it didn't matter. They were still so cool to me. Unfortunately, it seems as though I wasn't cool enough for them (or something?). Before I knew it, Richard had adopted them — wearing them and snatching them on the sunniest of days... and of course he'd sometimes ask if I wanted to wear them, but I let him go to bask in the Ray-Ban glory.

After a while of trading the glasses back and forth, it became apparent that I either needed to buy him his own or by myself a new pair, so I headed off to the sunglass shop to see what I could do. I went in thinking I'd get him his own pair... that was until I saw these. With the ever so slightly cat-eyed rims propped upon my nose, I stood in front of the mirror and that was all it took. It made sense too; would I want to walk around hand in hand wearing the same glasses as Richard? No, not really. So I went with my gut. 

To me, these are like the Wayfarer's cuter and more feminine little sister. Beautiful brown gradient rims attached to a long sleek silver temples and brown temple tips. Less harsh than the all black original, but still in the same ballpark, style-wise. The quality is still incredibly good and I'm once again in possession of a pair of sunnies that are better than I expected. Overall, they just seem to make more sense to me and in the end I suppose this was all for the better...

Plus, Richard looks better in the Wayfarers anyway...


  1. The are SO ... wowza. It's like the girly Ray Ban and I love it! Maybe it's a good thing that he kept taking them away from you ;) My boyfriend and I have the same hat and sunglasses, LOL, so yeah it gets a little weird, but I love these! May have to trade mine out now xx

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. I've actually been in the process of looking for a new pair of sunglasses too. I wanted to get some nice ones this time, and I guess I'm going to have to check out these ray bans! :)

  3. These are so cute!! I have the Wayfarers and sometimes think they're a bit too masculine for me... these are definitely a great slightly-girly alternative :)


  4. Love them, cateye rims are always flattering I think. I always want to get Raybans then always go woth a different brand, maybe I should go and look at all the styles.

    Lovely photos as well.

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

  5. Amazing Sun Glasses. I bought a pair of Ray-bans last year and adore them:)

    Sara x

  6. lol richard. These are SO cute. My boyfriend steals all my sunglasses too, but the last few years I've only gotten cheap ones from H&M or forever 21... he loses or breaks so many! LOL

  7. I just got a pair of classic aviators in the biggest size they carry. Can't wait for the summer so I can wear them all the time!

  8. Oh my gosh, I want this in my life. NOW. So feminine and chic!

  9. I have never seen these, gosh they look stunning!

  10. I love these, much better style than the classic wayfarers. So elegant and feminine :) xx


  11. These are so pretty! I'll have to try these out xx


  12. I got the wayfarers recently too b/c I love how timeless they are, but these are adorable! I really love the cat eye-ish shape. Might need to hop on them as well!


  13. Wow I love these!
    Too bad all Ray-Bans make me look like The Terminator...


  14. I bought Ray-Ban's Erika sunglasses myself the previous summer. As soon as I tried them on I loved them and the price was so reasonable I had to buy them. In love with them since I bought them really :)

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