30 random facts about me!

I suppose it's time I give in an do one of these. I love reading everyone elses, so be sure you link yours!

  • I love spicy food.
  • I'm the oldest of 4 kids. My littlest sibling is 10 (Hi Matt)!
  • My top five favorite movies are (in no order): Marie Antoinette, The Darjeeling Limited, Lost in Translation, Dirty Dancing, and Garden State.
  • As much as I try not to give in, I can't help but to read my horoscopes. I'm a Leo! 
  • I'd much rather shoot film than digital. 
  • I haven't worn a pair of jeans since 2010. I don't even own jeans anymore!
  • The two places I want to visit next are: Japan and Taiwan.
  • Speaking of travel, from 2008-2010 I lived in 5 states in 2 other countries. 
  • I'm ridiculously sensitive to sound.
  • One night my sister and I broke glow sticks and splattered the contents all over our room. It was basically a mini-rave.
  • I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember. My mom still has disposable cameras of mine from when I was younger that need to be developed!
  • I play Skyrim far too much.
  • I have panic disorder which I write about quite openly on Quora (and sometimes Tumblr). I write about it on the interwebz because I've learned to deal with it fairly well and believe that it's a great way to help others and give insight. You can read what I've written here:  1234I also hate how it's become so stigmatized to talk about publicly.
  • I had never worn makeup other than mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss until my wedding.
  • I lived in England! 

  • I love cooking.
  • I'm a bit too sentimental and empathetic. 
  • Japanese food is my favorite.
  • The first makeup I ever purchased was MAC 
  • I'm super picky about what I buy. I have to really love something to spend my money on it.
  • I'm actually much more interested in fashion than beauty.
  • At 18 I got my first tattoo. It spans from my shoulder blades to hip bone. It's pretty cliché but I still love it.
  • I'm afraid of butterflies.
  • I own a ridiculous amount of Hello Kitty paraphernalia. 
  • My fondest memory of high school was performing in FAME. I played both Hilary von Doren and Shirley. I had to talk in a British accent for the part of Hilary, lols.
  • I'm a huge homebody! 
  • I used to want to be a graphic/web designer. While I still love design(ing), it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life.
  • While being in the center of Silicon Valley gets slightly annoying, it's also quite inspiring.
  • My sister is most definitely my best friend. LOVE YOU SISSY.
  • I am never not drinking tea.
Aaaaand, that's it! I probably could have picked some better facts but these were the ones I thought of first! Don't forget to share your links/some facts about you! 


  1. You're so cool and you're such a stunner! Love your blog girly.

    I've done this post over on my blog if you want to have a cheeky read?



  2. I loved this xx
    I hate butterflies as well, people always find that very strange!


  3. Hooray for Skyrim! I used to be a mad gamer when I was younger - the only game I play now is The Sims 3 ;)

    Here's my Facts About Me video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8jepN3moUw

  4. Damn I wish I was as cool as you - I really enjoyed reading this! And it makes me want to be your friend. (Well, I tried not to sound creepy....) I haven't done a 30 facts about me blog post, but hopefully you'll still give my blog a look and follow if you enjoy your stay?


  5. I absolutely love this tag that's going around... I just filmed my version today and hope to get it up in a couple of days :) I loved reading through yours and getting to know you a bit better!!


  6. I would rather take pics in film as well, Photography was my fave class in school (with film developing). Wonderful post lovely, great to get to know you better:)

    Sara x

  7. I only wear jeans...I don't even know how to wear anything else...haha!

  8. cute picture! Love the facts :) Can't wait to see if your app gets in! annnd my brother and I are 10 yrs apart! I am way terrible at these types of things, my facts are never interesting hahaha!

  9. awh lovely post! your hair in the second photo is amazing!! x

  10. Ahh this was really lovely to read as i've recently just discovered your blog :D xxx

  11. Haha :D Really nice post - I am one of those who constantly wear jeans - how can you not, without wearing a skirt ? <3

  12. I've made a post like this as well!
    Go check it out :).



  13. You'd love Taiwan! I've been living in Taipei (the capital) for the past four years, and I'm totally obsessed with life here. Lots of great shopping, art, and definitely food :)




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