Rings by Catbird

I'm quite picky about jewelry and I don't wear much of it — but I do have a slight major inclination towards delicate and dainty things. Maybe it's because I just find them a bit more romantic... or because I have small wrists/hands. Who knows. When it comes to brands I'm always lusting over, Catbird comes first. Always.

I've been talking about how much I've wanted these for a while but just couldn't bring myself to get them for whatever reason. But! Richard surprised me with them at dinner last night and yes, I cried.  I really couldn't have asked for anything better. They're just perfect and such a cute gift for anyone! They're very thin and small but are such great quality; I'm not at all worried about them breaking somehow or anything like that. My only qualm is their sizing — I'm in between a half and whole size and ordered a size up, when we should have gotten a size down. Luckily their exchange/return policy is great!!

Anyway, if you're in the market for some new jewelry; be it alphabet or heart rings, knuckle rings (waaaant), bracelets, or even non-traditional (but still ridiculously beautiful) engagement rings, etc. you should totally consider Catbird. Such a great company doing really really awesome things. 

What do you guys think? Do you adore Catbird as much as I do?
P.S. Here's what they look like on/stacked!


FOTD: Anniversary Edition

Lips: MAC Cosmo

Nothing much to say today other than... yay! It's my anniversary. Two whole years of being married and it's flown by faster than I can even believe. We're going out to dinner tonight to a restaurant with a 40's feel— casual dressy, so I figured I'd go a bit feminine with my makeup. Lots of pinks, focus on the lips, soft eyes and cheeks, strong brows. Lots of new stuff here I haven't reviewed yet which means... lots of reviews coming up, whoop! 

My poor Cosmo lipstick looks like it's been through hell and back (it has). It was my first MAC lipstick and is still one of my all time favorites. Also the blush I'm wearing was the one I wore on my wedding, *nostalgia*. While I'd love to stay and chat I've got so much to do before tonight! Nails to be painted, presents to be picked up and... my hair needs a good taming because it's literally taking over my face. Eeeep!

What do you guys think of this look? I may throw on some eyeliner before heading out but I'm not sure! Yay or nay?! Hope everyone has the best Tuesday ever. 


Pixi Lash Line Ink

Oh look, eyeliner! I feel like I never wear eyeliner anymore (except maybe on my waterline) that said, when I do, I wear this one.

Pixi Lash Link Ink rivals all other liquid liners I've tried and let me tell you, I was an avid liquid liner girl for a good 5 years or so! The felt tip is perfect for creating an extremely thin line and getting right between your lashes. While at first I felt like I didn't have enough control over it, when it was time for the flick I was pleasantly surprised. Something about the way it moves and bends makes it perfect for getting that cat-eye just right. The color itself is very very black which is definitely something I look for when it comes to liquid liner, I mean who wants some meh greyish black color on their lids? Not me! 

I've had this liner for a few months now and there are absolutely no signs of drying up which is great. I'm hoping this will last me quite a while, being the one I can turn to when I want that Anna Karina look. So far so good!

What do you guys think? What's your favorite liner?  


LUSH Lustre Body Powder

I'm such a sucker for things like this, especially from LUSH. Massage bars, body powders, one too many lotions; I just can't help myself.

Lustre is a body powder (o rly?!) that has got a bit of shimmer in it. Not that over the top HEY IN YOUR FACE shimmer but just a subtle one that fades a bit over time. I love using this on my collarbones and around the sternum area at nights to give a sexy glow to my skin. This stuff smells like jasmine, and I mean really smells of it, so if you're not a fan I'd either try it out first or just steer clear. One of my favorite things to do if I know I'm going to be using this is to use Flying Fox in the shower and then dust this on once I've towel dried. The two scents, while extremely similar, are still a bit different and compliment each other like no other. The honey in the shower gel adds just a bit of sweetness to the jamine making a really yummy scent.

LUSH markets both products as being aphrodisiacs because of the jasmine — so if you're looking to feel a little more in the mood, these are your guys.

What do you guys think of this product? Is it something you'd buy? Do you have any other favorite products that make you feel a little sexy and seductive?


Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash

So... I'm really not surprised that this is my first repurchase of 2013. I had my first Brow Wiz for sooo long (I actually thought it was never-ending) so when it finally gave out the first thing I did was run out and get another! I believe I bought my first one in August or September of 2012 and used it almost every day.

Anastasia Brow Wiz is (so far) my favorite brow pencil ever. Why? Well... let me introduce you to this handy little thing. First off, Medium Ash is the perfect brunette color for me. A lot of pencils I've used in the past had a hint of red which in turn made me a bit off; because this is a more grey-toned brown it seems to go perfectly with my hair color. No color fuss necessary. 

Second, the super fine tip. I've found that other pencils can be too soft or too creamy and because I can sometimes be a bit heavy handed, my brows end up looking like... slugs (that was all I could think of). Not only is the tip on this extremely fine, but it's also quite hard. What this means is that it's perfect for creating super fine hair like strokes which seem to blend in seamlessly with the rest of my brows. I've never had problems with longevity either. This stuff stays on until you wash it off! 

I also love that there's a spoolie on the end, making this the perfect little duo. While I used to use this to fill in my brows completely, as of late I've just been using it at the front of my brows and also at the ends, filling in any sparse areas. I also use this to create a nice arch shape — sometimes more pointed, sometimes more curved. It all just depends on my mood. 

I love this little product and I definitely forsee myself repurchasing again once I run out (which hopefully won't be until summer)! What do you guys think of the Brow Wiz? What other Anastasia products do you love? 


Bumble and bumble Semisumo

When it comes to my hair I love a good roughed up look every now and again. Super straight and sleek locks get a bit boring after so long! Though I'm not a fan of Bb's shampoo & conditioners, I do love their styling products. I think I own about 4 now, which is quite a bit to have especially from one brand (at least for me). I first spotted this on Sephora's website in the "New" section and then on Ms Estée's November Beauty Favorites video, and knew it was just what I was looking for.

Semisumo is described as a "hi-shine, lo-hold  pomade" and yup, that just about explains it. It's the kind of product that works better after you've warmed it in your hands and then becomes the perfect little styler to make your hair look ruffled and slept-in but on purpose. Pulling it through my hair with my fingers gives it a piece-y and tousled look which is perfect if you want something that's a little more sultry, mhmmmm. I like this because I can use it on my ends and just all over and it doesn't leave my hair sticky or greasy vs the (Un)dressing Creme which is great for giving your roots a little oomph but is so sticky/tacky. This stuff also smells like cologne which is actually really nice. All in all it's an awesome little product and I'll be interested how long it takes me to get through this stuff!  

What do you guys think? Is Semisumo something you'd like to try? What are your other favorite Bumble and bumble products? 


Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Ecrin

This post feels kind of extravagant but I think it's only because this is my first Chanel purchase ever.

Rose Ecrin is a not too bright yet not too light rosy pink shade. It's definitely not something I'm used to as I like deeper or more neutral blushes — I actually didn't think this blush would look good on my skin tone at all, but alas, I was talked into it. It goes on really nicely and is quite buildable (I had to put a ton on to get it to show up in photos). I do feel like this will be a staple for me come spring and summer. I'm trying to venture into the world of corals and pinks and non-brown eyeshadows but when you're a berry/deep color lover, it's hard!

The only flaw I have with this blush is the smell. Even as a fan of all things rose scented this stuff is soooo strong; I would definitely steer clear if you're at all sensitive to fragrance. I've had it on for about two hours now and I can still smell it, craaaaaazy! While it isn't completely off-putting I would definitely prefer the blush to be non-scented or a little less strong — I don't mind scented blush or foundation but what I do mind is when it lingers for hours.

Would I buy another Chanel blush? Probably not anytime soon. While I really love the packaging and luxuriousness of it, NARS is cheaper and just as good (quality wise), at least to me! The Chanel is a bit silkier but unless you're applying it with your hands (please don't do that) there's not much of a difference when it's on the face!

What do you guys think of Chanel blushes? Worth the price?
P.S. sorry about the lighting! They just cut down 3/4 of a tree and now it's ridiculously bright in my house!


Chloé Pre-Fall 2013

images via Vogue

I think there's no denying the fact that when a collection comes out that I really love, I obsess. Chloé Pre-Fall 2013 is no exception. 

Clare Waight Keller has done it once again with this sixties mod inspired, masculine yet super feminine collection. Light blue paired with bright red and forest green seem like an uncanny match at first but it's an alluring combination. We have that staple 60's mustard-yellow skirt which sends me images of long haired blondes and shag carpet, but even so the ensemble just screams modern. Pairing a piece like that with brown leather boots and a dusty-pink blouse is what makes it so great — making you feel like it's something you would actually wear today, even though the color of the skirt itself seems so dated and vintage.

Androgyny shines through with cropped tailored pants and super boxy tops, but none of this is new for Chloé. The harsh lines and warm textures and colors; it's all quite soft but sharp and yet, everything seems to balance out in the end. What's not to love? I'd definitely take this over Lanvin's [animal] print heavy pre-fall collection any day. Also can we just talk about that black drop-waist dress with the super flared skirt paired with those black ankle boots? Edgy, sophisticated and totally chic.

I'm not going to say much more about this other than I've got Sir Serge playing wishing I was in a café in Paris eating ridiculously delicious food in one of these outfits. Light pink, black, greys, and light blue? I'm all over it.  Chloé is always a heartbreaker for me (in that I can't afford anything), but I'll always be here lusting over it.

What do you guys think? Do you like fashion posts like this? I kind of miss doing them! 


Muse Diary / 2013 Resolutions

Muse Diary · $28.95

I've always been one of those people who is slightly obsessed with notebooks, especially planners. For quite a long time I wanted to do events and wedding planning and my love for all things organized and handwritten just skyrocketed.  I saw this planner on MochiThings and immediately fell in love. Photos of Paris (and stickers!!!!!!), mood charts (also with stickers!!!) and lots of room to plan and write? So into it. It's the perfect planner for me and I'm already filling it with blog ideas and lists, yay! Some other things I want to keep track of are my "resolutions" for this year. 

- Travel more
   Both Richard and I love traveling and while we haven't done much of it (other than to see our families) we really want to take a trip somewhere awesome this year. Japan is at the top of our list!

- Blog more
  This is an easy one for me, especially at the moment but I really want to try to stay on top of things and keep enjoying what I'm doing. Though working leaves me with less time than desired to spend on blogging, I really can't complain! 

- Be a little more fearless
   I tend to stick to the same colors when it comes to clothing (and probably makeup as well). I really want to branch out and try some new things that I might not normally try! 

- Read one book a month
  I love reading. Like, really love it. That said I haven't exactly done as much as I've wanted to in the past year — I've already got a list of books to read but I'm always on the lookout for more so if you've read anything really great, let me know.

Though those are just a few of my resolutions, they're probably the most important. Some others I have are making sure to take my supplements daily, commission a new logo for my blog, start a YT channel, etc. I'm not sure about that last one but, we'll see! Anyway, what does everyone else have on their resolution list? Who else has bought a cute 2013 planner?! I'd love to see 'em!


FOTD: Muted Neutrals

Eyes: NARS Portobello / MAC Charcoal Brown / Diorshow Iconic Mascara / Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal / MAC Teddy eyeliner

Last night I went a little bit Lisa Eldridge crazy. No regrets. I'm late to the game, I know but I am ob-freakin'-sessed. I watched so many videos before bed, that this morning when I woke up I decided I wanted to recreate a look, this look to be specific. While I know it's not the same thing (and I'm not claiming it is), I put my own spin on it and made it work for me. 

For my base I started with the NARS primer and then applied YSL Touché Éclat with my fingers and blended it softly into my skin. I concealed under my eyes and around my nose with the Magic Lumi concealer. I popped a bit of Margin on the apples of my cheeks and added a touch of highlight with Soft & Gentle. I actually haven't worn Margin since my wedding day but I've rediscovered it and have fallen right back in love.

For eyes I used the darker color from Portobello all over the lid and Charcoal Brown from MAC in the crease and outer corners. I applied two coats of Diorshow Iconic to my top lashes and one to the bottom. Followed up by the nude Rimmel liner in the inner part of my waterline and Teddy on the outer part.

I finished with the Rimmel Kate Moss nude lipstick and applied it generously with a Real Techniques lip brush from the Core Collection. First time using that brush and it's sooooo awesome.

I've never ever ever worn a nude lip before, but I've got to say I'm kind of in love. I'm also loving the soft brown eyeshadow paired with the coral/orange toned blush. Not something I would normally wear together but I love the way it works. This is pretty out of my comfort zone if I'm honest as I'm really used to a bright pink or berry lip. I also went a little lighter with my brows, using Charcoal Brown and Mystery; I'm convinced!

Annnnd ta-da, that's my finished look. What do you guys think? I feel like I'll be wearing nude lips so much more now, it's actually kinda nice! Do you like these kinds of posts? If so, let me know!


NARS Pro-Prime Multi Protect Primer

While in England I took a look in Harvey Nichols (so dangerous) and hopped over to the NARS counter. Everyone is always raving about their Sheer Glow foundation so I figured I'd see what all the fuss is about. Because being in England always has this whirlwind effect on me, I find myself being way more susceptible to being talked into things I probably don't need. Primers included.

At first I didn't like this primer at all — I just didn't get on with it and I'm not sure why, but after giving it a few more weeks I actually quite like it. Is it love? Well, I wouldn't go that far but I am enjoying it.

When you first rub this into your skin it leaves a nice sheen (as you can kind of see in the second swatch photo) but it ends up drying matte. I was hoping my skin would stay all luminous and glowy, but alas, it didn't. This stuff is extremely light and leaves your skin super soft while which is a total plus. It also seems to calm my skin ever so slightly, bringing the redness down juuuuust a bit. It does also help with foundation longevity but it's not that much better than the Smashbox primer I was previously using which is why I'm still on the fence. I can definitely see this as something I'll be loving come summer, especially with that added SPF 30 (protection is important, kids). That said, as an every day, all day primer, I'm not convinced that this is the one for me.

Has anyone else tried this primer? If so, what are your thoughts? What are your favorite primers/ones that you would recommend?


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

So this is kind of an unexpected post — I was originally going to review a product that's been a favorite of mine for over a year now: Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Then I discovered it's been discontinuted. I'm a little sad and I'll be cherishing every droplet I have in my last bottle, but hey, atleast I've still got my beloved Anti-Snap!

Redken is a brand I tend to lean towards when it comes to haircare. Everything I've tried from them over the years I've loved and though some stuff can be a bit spendy, I don't mind. Why? Well I have one huge, dry, damaged, curly afro. Yes, that's my natural hair and the reason why I spend a lot of time, effort, and money on haircare. 

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap is a leave-in treatment (kind of like a leave in conditioner) that you apply to towel dried hair before styling. What does it do? It protects from heat, helps untangle, lessens friction from brushing, and strengthens the hair while repairing the cuticles. It uses proteins and amino acids like Ceramide (a waxy lipid) to hold the cuticle together, preventing breakage and split ends. It also has proven itself to be a bit of a help in the styling department. 

I generously apply this all over my hair and brush through, focusing mid-shaft to ends and not forgetting my bangs! I usually follow up with a heat spray and blow-dry/straighten as usual. In the month or so I've been using this I've already seen a pretty big difference when it comes to the texture of my hair, namely my ends. Because I have naturally curly hair, my hair is prone to being extremely dry all the time. That means if not taken care of properly can get quite brittle — this stuff has made my ends extremely soft and helps with any tangles I have. Have I noticed any difference with breakage? Not yet.  It's too soon to tell really but I plan on using this religiously for the next few months and hopefully I can grow my curly locks a little bit longer. While I may not be Rapunzel status anytime soon, I wouldn't mind an extra inch or two!

Have you guys ever used this? What are your thoughts? What are some other Redken products you love?


MAC Capricious

MAC Capricious · $15* (this was a gift)

Ahhhh, Capricious. I've been wanting this lipstick for a long time, but last time I went to MAC they were out so I settled on Plumful and Rebel. Hilariously enough, Richard read my blog when trying to figure out Christmas gifts for me, saw that I wanted this, and bought it for me. Talk about a keeper! 

I absolutely love love loooooove this color because of it's versatility. It's just dark enough to be a great autumn and winter color, but still light enough to be worn in spring. It's an easy color, if you will; no need to really think about it and it goes with just about everything. MAC describes it as a "fanciful rose plum" which kind of made me laugh — not sure about the fanciful part, but it's definitely a beautiful plummy rose. Lustre is one of my favorite finishes as well; I just find them moisturizing and really easy to wear (especially if you've got dry lips!!). I have a thing for berry colors as of late, if you couldn't already guess, so I'm super excited to have this as the newest addition to my collection. 

I'm on a serious MAC lipstick kick too so if you've got any recommendations, please let me know. I'm thinking Patisserie or Maple next? Although not berry colors, they're unlike anything I have at the moment! Also, what do you guys think of Capricious?!


LUSH Enzymion Facial Moisturizer

LUSH Enzymion · $39.95

As of late, and especially while I was in England, my face has been anything but cooperative. My fairly normal skin started to feel extremely oily and greasy which is something I'm really not used to. Up until now I still hadn't found a moisturizer that I really loved. Most things are just too thick and sit on my skin. While others actually gave me this weird sweaty feeling. I've tried tons of LUSH ones, some Kiehl's and Origins too, but still, nothing I've found works with my skin! When it comes to moisturizers I need something quite light but still able to do it's job. For me, Enzymion takes the cake.

It smells of fruits and feels sooo nice when slathered onto the face. I take a small bit between my fingers and massage it into my skin. I can literally instantly feel a difference; any greasy spots are now long gone, yet my face feels really moisturized and not overly saturated. Win! Another awesome thing? I've noticed that my makeup stays in place a lot longer than normal.

While the pot is quite small and the price is a bit higher than what I'd like it to be, a little really does go a long way so I'm sure it'll be a long while before I run out.  I've got to admit that I don't see this leaving my skincare routine for a very very long time — this stuff is holy grail to me. Have you guys tried Enzymion before? Do you love it as much as I do? If not, what are your other favorite LUSH moisturizers?


Diptyque Volutes

Diptyque Volutes Eaux de Toilette · $88 (this was a gift)

Firstly let me start out by saying Happy New Year and damn it feels good to be back. I spent the last 2 weeks in England with Richard's family and took a bit of time off from blogging. I'm happy to say I'm super excited to start blogging again as I've missed it (and all of you) tons.  P.S. Thank you to Richard for being so wonderful and getting me this for Christmas!

I've been [sparingly] using a sample of Volutes for a few weeks now and immediately knew I had to have the full size. I love it, Richard loves it, to be honest, who doesn't love it? It's a spicy, warm, and seriously sensual scent. Diptyque describes it as "notes of honeyed Egyptian tobacco, styrax, and leather" and though it may sound a bit odd, it smells absolutely divine. Everything about this just screams my name including the luxurious packaging and adorable illustration. The bottle itself is absolutely beautiful and I've got to say (although I am late to the party) Diptyque has completely stolen my heart. 

The little illustration seems to go with the story Diptyque has about Volutes: "The voyage of your dreams, on board a liner from Marseille to Saigon. A long haul crossing, stopping off at a number of places with magical names, all redolent of adventure and spice. The charm of life on board ship, where time does not exist. The labyrinth of polished passageways and the panelled walls of the lounges, the enigmatic elegant women leaning on the rail on top deck, indulging in the pleasure of Khedive cigarettes. A smell forever imprinted on the memory: Volutes". 

Now please tell me — what's not to love? I'll definitely be looking into more Diptyque products (especially the candles). What are your favorite products by them?

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