NUXE Rêve de Miel

The winter cold and dry indoor air has seemed to wreak a bit of havoc on my lips as of late. I've been using basically every lipbalm I own — EOS and Carmex, Blistex and Tokyo Milk, but I needed something a little more hardcore. As if lip balms are hardcore?? 

Rêve de Miel is a really interesting and overall badass lip balm; the texture, the smell, just everything about it. It's made with honey, plant oils, shea butter, grapefruit essence, etc, so this stuff is packed full of nourishing ingredients to help keep your lips moisturized. The texture is butter-like (but not?) and pretty thick meaning you don't need to use a ton to get the results you want. It also stays on for ages!  I love using this as an overnight treatment — waking up with way-less-chapped lips than usual. The packaging is really nice and I don't mind at all that this is going to add a bit more weight than I'd like to my bag (it's totally worth it).  I honestly don't even know what else to say about this other than go out and get it if you have dry lips, seriously. It's like the god of all lip balms and at this point I'm not sure if I could go without it now.
Anyway, I'm going to stop here before I go too far with professing my love for this stuff. Ugh it's soooooo good.

Have you guys tried this before? If so, what do you think?


  1. I've been putting off buying this for a little while, but I can see me caving very soon as all the reviews make me want it so bad. Maybe something will finally sort out my chapped lips!

    Amy xx

  2. This is hands down my favourite lip balm! I use it every day and it's perfect for winter!

    Black and Vanilla
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  3. I have this and like it. My only suggestion would be to keep it in a warm place. When it gets too cold, it gets little grains in it(not sure how else to describe it) and isn't very comfortable. The good thing is that if this happens, you can warm it up and it goes back to normal!

  4. i like this one too :) i like it almost as much as la mer, and I'm curious about sara happ lip slip and by terry baume de rose because lots of bloggers always talk about it! :)

  5. I just ordered this on birchbox.com & cannot wait to get it & try it!!


  6. I picked this product up after I Estee raved about it on essiebutton. I don't know if the jar I bought was expired or what, but whenever I apply it, it's very grainy and turns chalky on my lips (I get that dreaded build-up of white stuff, yuck!). Has this happened to you? I'm wondering whether or not I should go out and buy another jar and see if the same thing happens ...

  7. Hey Vanessa, this actually hasn't happened to me before! Maybe you got a bad jar :( you should definitely give it another try though because when it works it works really well :) xx

  8. I've heard good things about this nuxe krem product. Going on my wish list now!


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