Biolage Exquisite Oil

I received a sample of this back in August's Glossybox and I literally clung to the last few drops in hopes it would never run out (but of course it did).  I accidentally came upon it while in a beauty supply store and knew right away I'd be walking out with a bottle. I regret nothing.

Biolage Exquisite Oil is a shine serum and a defrizzer/replenishing treatment all in one. I apply after straightening my hair and can immediately see a difference. The flyaways disappear and my hair becomes super shiny — not to mention it smells amazing. It basically smells like every other Matrix/Biolage product which overall just smells sweet, slightly citrusy(?), and just relaxing as if you've just walked out of the salon. 

It's made with a moringa oil blend which is good for relaxation and replenishing, as well as macadamia and argan oil (also blends) which we all know are great. You can apparently also use this as an overnight treatment, before shampooing or during conditioning. I have yet to do any of those, but I shall report back. I'm really loving using this stuff and can't really picture not having it as part of my hair styling routine. What do you think of the Exquisite Oil line? Is it something you're interested in?


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