Public Service Announcement

Not really a PSA, but...

I'm currently back in New Jersey for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm super excited to be here for a while (plus that means we'll be in England in less than a month, eeeeeep). That said, be prepared for regular blogging to happen, for the most part!

Anyway I'm writing this post to say: I'm going to be selling some of my prints on Society6! If you didn't know, aside from blogging, photography is what I'm most passionate about. You can see a bunch of my photos here and see the prints and such that I'm selling here. I'm currently uploading a ton of stuff so stay tuned! Even if you don't buy anything I'd really love for you to just check out my stuff and tell me what you think! Also if you see anything on Flickr that you'd like to see in print form, let me know <3

...and now back to our scheduled programming...


  1. Congrats on your new endeavor! Your photos are really nice, it's obvious you are talented

    x Lindsay

  2. I just found your blog and I must say: It feels like reading a blog of a long lost twin of mine. I know that many people like photography, but you have a wonderful twist on it and I really enjoy your pictures! :)


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