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Ahhh, so the day has finally come. It's Election Day here in the good 'ol US of A, and here I am ready to vote for the first time, wand in hand. No, but really, all jokes aside this is a pretty important day for us Americans as we get to cast our vote on who we believe should be the next president, as well as letting our voices be heard about different propositions and things of that sort (fuck yeah, Prop 37). I know a lot of people who aren't voting because: they "don't like either candidate" or they "don't like politics" or whatever else and all I have to say to you rebellious kids is YOUR EXCUSE SUCKS. I'm not really into politics but I do care about the future of our country and you should too.

Anyway... my friend Erin sent me a link to this shirt and I had to have it to wear when I go vote. I'm voting at a church so I think I may get some weird looks but I'm totally down for that. Still addicted to my disco pants and giving them probably too much love. Whatever! I'm loving them with my leather jacket lately; makes me feel like a biker chick from Grease, haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little voting day outfit and I seriously hope that every 18+ year old American that reads this shows a little patriotism and votes!

Obama '12! Over and out <3


  1. Awesome outfit. I love your shirt <3

  2. I love your tee shirt!! :) Hopefully he gets in with a bit of luck. :)

  3. Great outfit. The disco pants look amazing on you

  4. This is a great outfit. If I was American and could have voted I would have voted Obama!


    p.s I'm currently running a giveaway where you could win a mac lipstick of your choice. Check it out if you're interesed http://charissarae.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/im-so-grateful-for-everyone-that.html. xx


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